The Approach

The purpose of reading an astrological birth chart is to empower and encourage you to work with the spectrum of meaning and possibility of the placement of planets in the symbolic construct of the tropical zodiac at the moment and from the place on Earth you were born. In a sense, these placements "belong" to you, in that they are part of the cosmic environment into which you were born. Knowing about this spectrum of meaning and possibility can deepen your ability to live with creativity, confidence, and authenticity, and give you permission and encouragement to be yourself, or, as I used to tell people during art class, to go ahead and "draw your own house." I use a combination of interpretive and intuitive skills to read the patterns, symbols and cycles of your birth chart.

The Practical Stuff

To prepare for a reading, I need the place you were born (as in city, state, or country), the date you were born, and as accurate a birth time as you have a record of. This can often be found on your birth certificate, or in state or hospital records. There are three options for having a reading of your birth chart: in person if you live in or are coming to the area, on the phone, or by tape. All readings, in person or on the phone, are taped. Readings generally last 90 minutes. You receive a birth chart, some hand-outs, and a tape of our conversation or of me giving you the reading. Readings in person are currently $75.00. Long distance readings are $75.00 plus the cost of the phone call and/or postage to mail the tape and charts to you. Once I have your birth information, I like to choose a day with lunar aspects that encourage meaningful, engaged talk about your chart.

Solar Return Option

A solar return chart marks the moment each year when the sun returns to the exact placement it has in your birth chart. It is close to, but not always exactly on, your actual birthday. The solar return chart describes the range of themes and issues that are likely to play a prominent part in your year. I write a two page (single spaced) report for you, which, among other things will tell you what sign the moon is in for you during the coming year, and how that might augment or shift your usual emotional habits or approach to your life, and how aspects to the sun might suggest what potential is availale to further express your life's purpose. A solar return chart is a nice astrological "birthday present" to give yourself, or someone else you know who is interested in astrology. Solar return reports are $36.00. As with a birth chart reading, I still need the date, accurate time and place of birth for you or the person you are ordering the solar return report for. For either option, contact me via email and I will respond within 48 hours.