StarGarden MoonWatch for the Full Moon, August 19th, 2005

I'm Maria Theresa Maggi, intuitive astrologer here in Moscow, Idaho, and you're listening to the StarGarden MoonWatch for the full moon of August 19, 2005.

The lunar cycle of August that began with Leo, the fool and king, peaks in the sign of Aquarius, it's natural opposite. Aquarius is the energy that rolls the individualist, the revolutionary and the eccentric intellectual into one quirky combination. Perhaps this is why alliance is the most natural form of intimacy for Aquarians. No other sign places more value on supporting a cause, person or movement that will also honor the rights of each individual. If Leo awakens our sense of enjoying being the center of attention, Aquarius shifts us to a more abstract view, both of ourselves and of the human community in general. As astrologer Dana Gerhardt has written, if Leo is the Emperor vainly swindled into wearing his imaginary suit in the fairy tale "The Emperor's New Clothes", Aquarius is the child in the crowd who dares to point and yell the truth that he has absolutely nothing on. The eyes of Aquarius see through pretense to the core of our common nakedness, as well as our potential to be truly human rather than divine. In Aquarius, we find our higher nature through our humanity, not in spite of it.

Unlike last February, when the new Aquarius moon stood together with several planets, this Aquarius full moon stands alone to oppose the sun in Leo. The basic opposition of the sun and the moon that creates the physical phenomenon of the full moon is one of projected light reflected. Astrologically, the Leo self centered sense of life's vitality and purpose is at this time projected onto the emotional tendency of Aquarius to remain detached while also forming meaningful and surprising alliances. A good analogy for how the opposition works is to think of riding a see saw, which depends on balance and cooperation to integrate opposing forces into one experience. Ultimately, then, the dynamic of the opposition is one of integration.

Nothing is more intrinsic to the Aquarian sensibility than the element of surprise. So at this full moon, we may surprise ourselves as well as others, in true Aquarian form. Uranus, the companion planet to Aquarius, is in an easy aspect to a sturdy Mars in Taurus and in an aspect requiring conscious adjustment to Mercury moving forward, calling us out of any self-absorbed thinking processes and more toward making compassionate connections that surprise and revolutionize our emotional thinking. We may find fulfillment or even "fun" in rolling up our sleeves to work or take action on behalf of someone who needs us or who could not do whatever needs doing without our help. Like the motto of the Seeds of Peace Collective who feed and care for people involved in direct actions around the country, we may take particular Aquarian delight in doing what they merrily call "feeding the new world disorder" in our own unique way. (After all, think how much fun it is to be that Aquarian child in the crowd who points out the king is buck naked.)

Matters of the heart may take a distinctly unorthodox turn at this time as well. At this full moon, the desires we re-examined at the new moon could have the power to change us or to set us free. We now feel the urge to "rise up" and free ourselves from the oppressive arrogance of foreign policy or an unhealthy need for approval or to change how we pursue what we want. This change of heart is likely to be sudden, or could happen in relation to a group or a friend.

Here are some suggestions for each of the sun signs for how to free ourselves to give and to create truth at this full moon:

Aries: The ideals of others affect your feelings about the future this full moon. Generosity with all partners can help bring what is fun and what is fair into balance.

Taurus: You may feel passionate about children or creative projects that bring up serious feelings. You may see a way to bring the truth of feelings into a public venue.

Gemini: You may feel determined about communicating seriously with a child or about a creative project. You believe a mix of discipline and patience is needed.

Cancer: Sudden events may bring a windfall or change from unexpected sources that could shift things at home or in a public venture. People support you!

Leo: You may be working or traveling independently in a situation where a group is depending on your artistic or organizational perspective to help them shine.

Virgo: You may want to pursue education or spiritual work with others that is outside of your routine. This may involve switching roles with a partner at home.

Libra: You feel generous toward a friend, child or group that needs your attention and support. While matters are serious, your wide view may help ease a loss.

Scorpio: You may feel a partner is placing a reality check on something you have idealized. This chance to rebalance feelings may bring a surprising freedom.

Sagittarius: You may feel ready to address issues with a friend or a group you have left hanging. You've gained enough confidence to do what is needed to be present.

Capricorn: Your sensual nature comes to the surface this full moon. It may surprise or please you that others see this expression of you as a gift, which frees your spirit.

Aquarius: A partner or creative project may require time alone or need serious attention. You can stay grounded enough to remain detached yet involved or supportive.

Pisces: You may suddenly feel that the purpose of your daily routine has shifted into a more public arena. Now you are speaking about your work to others.

Aquarius rules that instantaneous, non-sequential knowing, the kind in which we don't know how we know, we just know, and as a result are suddenly in a new place in which the world is rearranged, as if by the lightning and the earthquakes which are associated with this sign. It also sparks the impulse to communicate these eclectic shifts to others through the internet or broadcast or radio waves. As video artist Bill Viola tells us, "there is an invisible world out there and we are living in it." Written publications or legal appointments may also be venues for the dissemination of this kind of ground breaking knowledge in the last half of this lunar cycle, as they were so long ago when Thomas Paine wrote that "these are the times that try men's souls. . .Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered." The revolutionary spirit of Aquarius reminds us that authentic allegiance to an ideal should contain in its very essence the right to join and the duty to dissent. The electrical raging of the Jimi Hendrix Star Spangled Banner is a powerful musical expression of this Aquarian potential. Aquarius calls us to rise up out of the crowd this full moon with the courage of truth-telling to shine our lights, shed some light, and keep it light!

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