What are flower essences?

If you've ever heard the expression "stop and smell the roses," or if you've ever been moved by giving or receiving flowers, you already know how powerful the language of flowers can be. Truly, flowers can impart healing vibrations. Flower essences are a concentrated form of this phenomenon. They are sun infusions made with fresh blossoms and distilled water in a setting that harmonizes the life force of the blossoms with the environment they've grown in and the right intention of the person preparing the infusion. The mother essence is preserved with brandy and then potentized through a dilution process similar to the one used in homeopathic remedies.

In fact, the person who first developed and used flowers in this way was Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936), an English homeopathic physician. He developed them through his search for a less invasive, more holistic, soulful way to treat the emotional, spiritual dilemmas behind disease. The 38 essences he developed are known as the Bach flower remedies, and are considered the traditional basis for flower essence treatment. Mysteriously (and in the tradition of serious alchemy!), Bach destroyed his research notes and left only his remedies. Since Bach, many others have gone on to develop use and research flower essences in North America and around the world. One such organization is the Flower Essence Society, whose research and instructional approach are rooted in the science of Goethe and the theosophical teachings of Rudolph Steiner.

However, the esoteric, spiritual relationship between humans and flowers has ancient roots--just think of the lotus and its importance as a resonant image in Eastern meditation practices or the role of fairies who live among the flowers and trees in Celtic mythology. In some new age literature, channeled sources attribute the development of flower essences to the inhabitants of the lost continent of Lemuria, which is said to have existed in the Pacific at the same of the famed Atlantis.

Just how flower essences work is hard to describe from a completely objective scientific viewpoint. We don't yet have technology sensitive enough to explain comprehensively how these essences produce their results. In esoteric traditions, the aura or energy field around the body is said to consist of several layers, the densest being the physical body itself. Though different schools of thought vary in how they name or subdivide them, they are referred to in general as the subtle bodies. When you use a flower essence, the meridians (points used in healing practices such as acupuncture) serve as portals to the various subtle bodies and their energy centers, called chakras (literally translated from the Sanskrit as "wheel").

In so doing, flower essences address issues of soul healing. They encourage and empower us to marshal our own healing forces through a more clear alignment with our Higher Power and its purpose. Most often flower essences work in a subtle, qualitative manner, over time, encouraging emotional release and transformation, important epiphanies, or renewed energy to heal or change undesirable patterns. They can work in either a mode of opposites or one of similars and each person responds to them uniquely, according to his or her need at the time. Many flower essences can also help effect positive change in physical injury or illness because the harmonizing work they do in the subtle bodies also affects the physical one. Because their effect is vibrational, they can be used in water, oils, and sprays as well as taken internally. They serve as a complement to others modes of healing or therapy, not as a substitute or a competitor. When you use a flower essence, the soul essence of the flower joins with your soul to impart its wisdom about how to live more harmoniously here on Earth, as a co-creative being and a child of God.

Star Garden Essences

As an intuitive gardener, I enjoy learning from my plants and their generous healing vibrations. As an astrologer, I view the birth chart as an ecology of energies we can choose to cultivate and grow with throughout life's cycles. The Star Garden, an actual place in my backyard, grew out of my love for the Earth and Sky. All the blossoms used grow in and around my star garden and home. The interactive, suffused energies from the plants, the sunlight, the moon, the atmosphere and the earth of this deeply loved place are my offering to all on the path of healing and transformation in the physical and subtle bodies

Suggested Use

Flower essences are sun infusions made with fresh organic flowers, distilled spring water and right intention, which are then preserved in brandy and made potent by a dilution process. They work on a vibra¬tional rather than a biochemical level to encourage and promote healing. 2-5 drops up to 4 times a day by mouth or in water; many can be helpful externally in bath water (up to twenty drops) or mixed with oils used in body work (six drops to a tablespoon of oil).

A reminder: We are each responsible for the choices we make for ourselves regarding health care. Flower essences are not drugs, cures or herbal medicines, and they do not substitute for medicla treatment or psychological or physical therapies. They encourage the growth of the soul, and in so doing compliment, not interfere with, these modes of treatment.

Flower Essence Descriptions

Zinnia: promoses a sense of humor and laughter as a vital mode of healing and positive emotional release. “It feels good to laugh”

cosmos: aligns and energizes the throat and heart chakra to work together so words can be chosen precisely for genuine expression; helpful for all those in communication fields such as writing, teaching, or public speaking. "My words serve the higher purpose of my heart"

Morning glory (heavenly blue); helps stabilize eating and sleeping patterns; harmonizes body clock with the Higher Self. “My body's rhythms flow with my Highest Good"

echinacea: restores the soul's essential dignity and rightful humane connection to Earth after trauma or illness. "Dignity is my human birthright at all times.”

nicotania: can aid those struggling to address their addiction to nicotine; it helps turn focus away from emotional numbing toward an authentic reconnection with the heart's strength. "My best defense is an open heart"

bronze fennel: brings balanced energy to help resolve both inner and outer conflicts. “All conflicts have a peaceful solution"

lavender: helps ground spiritual/ psychic energy without shorting out physical body; puts physical self in harmony with awareness that things unfold naturally, in their own time. “I have enough time to grow"

hollyhock helps direct energetic and intersimwnsional "traffic patterns" that interact with our life force through the chakras and nadis so we can focus, refine, and process our emotional responses to outer events. "Inner balance brings outer balance"

self-heal: can accelerate the healing process by helping us let go of resistant behaviors that block it; attunes us to the healing power of our spirit by situation the personality in closer alignment with that power. "My Spirit knows what I need to heal"

comfrey: facilitates interaction of nervous system and brain with Higher Self so the physical body is more open to healing, regeneration and reciprocal, balanced functioning. "My Higher Self and physical body are working together"

lady's mantle: helps align all cycle with the rhythmic wisdom of Earth; can help smooth hormonal shifts associated with menstruation and menopause. "The cycles of my life ebb and flow with ease"

shepherd's purse: imparts practical "salt of the earth" qualities; gives strength to stay contained in your own center as you explore new territory. "Wherever I go my own center is my Home"

columbine: anchors and activates the positive properties of starlight in each of us through the crown chakra. "The radiant energy of starlight shines in each of my cells"

iris: attunes us to and intensifies our individual source of creative inspiration. "I am joyfully inspired"

berry blend: strawberry and raspberry blossoms combine to open heart and throat chakras and help bring 'confidence of expression in words from the heart, in front of groups or one on one. "I speak from the heart"

sage: promotes a sense of hopefulness about the future; helps balance fanaticism of any kind. "I look forward to the rest of my life"

chamomile: restores emotional and physical equilibrium by aligning mental body and regulating flow of meridians; enhances ducdess systems (nervous, lymph, kidneys), aids in digestion of B vitamins. "I restore my calm in the eye of the storm"

peony: helps promote honest, heartfelt communication without the need for constrictive masking; softens the need for defensiveness. "I am happy to be myself"

blackberry: promotes decisiveness and engagement in the endeavors of genuine life work; aligns the Will and the rythmns of the body with the Higher Self; can ease fears of death. "My will to engage is guided by Spirit"

squash (zucchini): helps process anger and resentment; promotes healthy sexuality and fertility patterns. "I release my anger" "My sexuality blossoms in light and love"

yarrow: helps bring vitality and distinctiveness to the boundaries of those sensitive to their surroundings; nourishes, repairs, and protects the aura from psychic, emotional and environmental disturbances. “A web of white light surrounds and sustains me"

nasturtium: helps ground, balance and direct the intellect to cooperate with sensory and spiritual needs; helpful for students and those immersed in intellectual projects or who spend a lot of time "in their heads"; can help ease strain on the eyes. "My mind works in harmony with my Whole Self"

California poppy: helps us achieve psychic spiritual balance so we can discover how to have an open, loving "heart of gold" - our true spiritual treasure (combines well with and enhances other flower essences). "An open heart is my greatest treasure"

heliotrope: opens us (without fear) to contemplate the sensual richness of the moment. "Each moment is complete in itself"

St. John's Wort: can help ease fears arising from the entanglement of thought and emotions; good for those in counseling or who are troubled by nightmares; eases sensitivity to light by helping to ground it through the body to Earth; may be an aid to those with seasonal affective disorder. "I hold enough light to stand firmly on Earth"

sweet pea: helps engender a sense of belonging, based on a personal sense of integrity and reverence for individual contribution; good for adolescents and those living or working with them. “I choose to contribute as myself"

sunflower: promotes a balanced sense of individuality; spiritualizes the ego; helps spine to "stand tall" and be radiant. "I have room to grow without crowding others"

arugula "rocket" flowers: focuses energy into the process of any journey or undertaking: helps the seeker trust the goal of any journey is transparency of spirit. "Generosity of Spirit enlightens me"

borage: gives courage and eases sorrow; helps lighten a heavy heart in the face of difficult circumstances; a heart tuner, especially good for the menopausal journey. "I follow my inner light through the darkness"

snapdragon: eases and helps heal tension and constriction in cranial plates, jaw, face, throat and larynx, especially if due to frustration expressed as sarcasm. "I honor my desires"

calendula: allows awareness of tendency for things to go "in one ear and out the other"; clears path for those who have closed off because of too many harsh words or too much yelling or verbal chaos in their surroundings. "I am free to listen"

shasta daisy: aligns mental body with Higher Self; helps one to see the Whole and to move away from being stuck in overanalyzing or not being able to "see the forest for the trees"; frees the intellect from over-compartmentalization and in so doing can help ease shallow breathing. "My mind embraces the whole pattern of life's wisdom"

forget-me-not: augments the pineal gland or "third eye" and the brain's electrical activity, encouraging clarity of both mind and dream state; helps us discern our right connection to those spirits or loved ones no longer in our physical presence. "The strongest bridge between souls is love"

blue bachelor button ("cornflower" or "witches thistle"): invites connection to and advocacy for Mother Earth and her generous spirit of fruition, wherever you may be, and so can help ease leaving or missing a physical place, or moving to a new stage with or as a biological mother. "I connect to Earth/ the Mother wherever 1 live”

White bacheor button: helps address issues of boundaries and/or protection around Mother Earth and biological motherhood. “I protect and honor myself in the Mother"

daffodil: helps us listen to inner counsel from guides and Higher Self; deepens daily meditative practices. "I receive the clear guidance of my Higher Self"

dandelion: helps alleviate mental and muscular tension arising from constantly doing and being on the go. "I relax and let go"

violet: helps overcome shyness; encourages confidence required to receive acceptance from others. "I am comfortable sharing my life"

pansy: strengthens emotional and mental body against fatigue caused by the interaction of viruses with the immune system. "Healthy thoughts and feelings strengthen my immune system"

bleeding heart: helps create a harmonious balance between freedom and love; helps develop musical talents; enhances all physical systems connected to heart (circulatory, muscles, heart chakra). "I am free to trust the music in my heart"

lupine (garden hybrid): these rusty gold blossoms encourage healthy "gatekeeping" when our immediate environment gets busy or chaotic; can also encourage productive communication between siblings; a good tonic for all things "Gemini". "I choose my responses in wisdom and joy"

May hawthorne: promotes balance and cooperation between physical and spiritual bodies, especially in times of great stress or heartbreak; enhances the body's intelligence in absorption of nutrients vital to the immune system and encourages healing at the cell level. "My body allows the stress to dissolve"

lilac: influences spinal column and all treatments and difficulties connected with it. (can also be helpful externally); aligns subtle bodies (a favorite of the fairies and nature spirits). "I align with healing energy"

Each one ounce stock bottle contains organic flower essence, brandy and distilled water and cost $8.00. To order flower essences, or for more information, contact Maria.