StarGarden MoonWatch for the New Moon, November 20th, 2006

Hello Everyone,

I’m Maria  Theresa Maggi, intuitive astrologer here on KRFP in Moscow, Idaho, and you’re listening to the StarGarden MoonWatch for the new moon of November 20, 2006.

The new moon this month is in the sign of Scorpio, the phoenix. Actually, Scorpio is the sign of the zodiac with an evolutionary series of animal archetypes that represent the totality of the Scorpio journey. The first archetype is the Scorpion,  a stinging machine who can even sting itself to death in a stinging frenzy. The second is the reptile, who lives among the rocks and comes out into the sun to gain vital heat to move and hunt. The third archetype is the eagle, who lives on the  mountaintop, and can survey vast areas with its’ sharp eyes before swooping down to the ground to snatch its’ prey. And finally, the phoenix, a mythical bird (made popular in the Harry Potter Series) who sings a hauntingly beautiful song, bursts into flames, and then out of those ashes, is reborn. When the lunar cycle begins in Scorpio, we all have the emtional potential to experience the arch of this soulful evolution toward surrender and rebirth.

Any beginning, like the beginning of the lunar cycle, is invisible. We don’t “see” the new moon when it is first new: it is still too close to the sun to create a reflection. Likewise, Scorpio energy often prefers to keep its powerful journey a secret, or play out the steps of it very close to the vest. That’s why the stereotype of Scorpios being prone to wearing dark glasses is so compelling. The “shades” hide their penetrating gaze while they scope you out, and begin that battle of the soul that decides which part of their nature they will experience the encounter from. So at this new moon we have a choice. We can begin this lunar cycle with our shades on, giving the air of mystery and ultimate cool, or we can accept we’ll have to remove them at some point, and reveal the state of our own soul in the process.

Once again, several planets are lined up in Scorpio. Most significantly Jupiter joins the pairing of the sun and the moon. So the big story of the journey to live from the authentic seat of our own power and be regenerated in the process is front and center for the next month. We also may be extremely focused on investigating and getting to the bottom of intrigue, mystery, or a tangled past or legacy, so we can better learn how to transform and renew our own lives. In this process, we may have to investigate “the dark side” as Luke Skywalker does when he trains in the swamp with Yoda, insisting he is not afraid, yet also not yet fully absorbing the enemy he is training to face is his own father. Yoda’s answer, of course, to an insistence about a lack of fear is simply, “You will be.” And we may be as well.

However, like Yoda, many spiritual seekers would say the most fearless thing to do with our fears is face them.  In “When Things Fall Apart,” Pem Chodron writes of a spiritual teacher’s experience in India during the 60s when he was determined to get rid of his negative emotions. His teacher at the time kept telling him to stop struggling, but he misinterpreted that as a signal to try harder. Finally, he was sent to a small hut to meditate on his own. At night, alone, by candlelight, he discovered he was in the company of a huge  king cobra in the opposite corner of the room. He became frozen with fear.  Here is what happened:

“Just before dawn the last candle went out, and he began to cry. He cried not in despair, but from tenderness. He felt the longing of all the animals and people in the world, he knew their alienation and their struggle. All his meditation had been nothing but further separation and struggle. He accepted—and really accepted wholeheartedly—that he was angry and jealous, that he resisted and struggled, and that he was afraid. He accepted that he was also precious beyond measure—wise and foolish, rich and poor, and totally unfathomable. He felt so much gratitude that in the total darkness he stood up, walked toward the snake, and bowed."

Here are some suggestions for each of the sun signs for how to approach an experience of  “bowing to the snake” for this new lunar cycle:

Aries: Travels, legal matters or the effects of your own history or inheritance can bring  new and powerful understanding. Forces beyond your control may loom large, yet there are gifts to be received if you are open to them.

Taurus: You may feel a reaction to a partner or a contract rooted deep in your  history together or in a need for spiritual fulfillment. Or you or a partner may delve into communications about legal or medical matters.

Gemini: You may be involved in serious communication or work with women, perhaps older women or relatives. Or you may feel a responsibility to focus on widening your view of what is necessary to change habits.

Cancer: Childrearing or creativity has you grasping both the past and present of the big picture. Activities in publishing, the law, education or spirituality are all encompassing. You may see they are all connected.

Leo: There could be tension between you and those in your home environment. Yet you also feel a strong emotional will to get to the bottom of it to work things out. Choosing between generosity and martyrdom is key.

Virgo: Communications and awareness in your immediate environment are intense and full. There might be visitors or more interaction than usual. Or someone close to you who is traveling returns to widen your perspective.

Libra: You may want to hold on to a source of income and be very intent on investigating how to make that happen. However, it may not be your decision to make. Being generous is a value that could help ease the intensity.

Scorpio: Your activities in a legal or educational setting may expand or energize you. At the same time, this increased activity may give you the opportunity to widen a past philosophical or spiritual perspective. Go for it.

Sagittarius: Issues of past and family begin a new cycle this month. After re-examining your relationships in depth, you may have to accept outside limitations while also letting what you believe continue to guide you.

Capricorn: Your history with friends and groups is highlighted this month. Finding the balance between your ideals and your reality is possible if you are able to use a generous perspective when making future plans.

Aquarius: Initiatives in education, publishing, legal or even medical projects are prominent. You may feel responsible for such endeavors, as if your own reputation is at stake. Yet you can also laugh it off.

Pisces: An emotional or spiritual journey into the past or your childhood could take shape this month. It’s serious business to you, and not always fun, but there’s also an innate sense of true healing at hand.

Nancy Blair, in her book Amulets of the Goddess, talks about snake goddesses across cultures and history as a symbol of shedding fear and renewing hope. She says the amulet of the snake can aid individuals facing their addictions or their past by giving courage and commitment to “[live] a life fully ‘awake’ in the present.” The snake signifies that it is possible to journey to the center of your soul, confront death and wriggle yourself “back into the arms of the Great Mother for renewal.” Both the snake and the sign of Scorpio remind us that the process of transformation is a continual, eternal process. So this new moon we can experience an engagement with a process that is always renewing itself within us, if we are willing. When we surrender ourselves to the power of regeneration, we birth new energy to shine our lights, shed some light, and keep it light!

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