StarGarden MoonWatch for the Full Moon, November 15th, 2005

Hello Everyone,

I'm Maria Theresa Maggi, intuitive astrologer here in Moscow, Idaho, and you're listening to the StarGarden MoonWatch for the full moon of November 15, 2005.

At this full moon in November we slow down to savor the taste of life in Taurus, the second sign of the tropical zodiac. In Taurus, we seek the physical and sensual comforts of life, and the resources that bring us those comforts. Taurus rules the throat and neck in the physical body, and its animal is the bull. The gentle, earthy, even musical sensuality of Taurus is the kind that knows the simple pleasures of scratching an itch, savoring a bite of dark chocolate or humming a tune that resonates pleasantly in the bones, and it often hides a willful ability to dig in and hold on to what brings physical comfort and security. The strength or stubbornness that keeps Taurus rooted through the deep changes that began in and around us at the Scorpio new moon is under review now, since the moon is full at the same place in the zodiac Mars began its retrograde journey, and Mars itself also continues to backtrack through this sign. This full moon's aspect to Pluto in Sagittarius also requires us to consciously adjust to a new comfort zone born out of the necessity of facing a difficult but transformational truth. At this time, we have to slow down long enough to manifest the necessary change. One of the changes we may be considering is how to make someone else comfortable as they go through a difficult time, or how to release a need to both "have our cake and eat it" that has gotten us herein the first place. Venus, companion planet to Taurus, now in Capricorn, asks us to demonstrate our affection for others by being useful in some way that encourages the ability to slow down and wait. By being useful to one another, we can face hard truths or demands together in order to manifest concrete results that make us genuinely more comfortable in the end.

There's no better example of how to accept being comfortable in a "tight place" than Winnie the Pooh gives us in the very first of those famous stories "In which Pooh goes visiting and gets into a tight place." After enjoying the pleasures of honey and condensed milk in Rabbit's den, he tries to leave, only to find that he has eaten so much that he is literally stuck in the doorway:

"Oh, help!" said Pooh. "I'd better go back."

"Oh, bother! said Pooh. "I shall have to go on."

"I can't do either!" said Pooh. "Oh help and bother!"

Once stuck with half his bear body still underground and the rest of him sticking out above ground, Pooh needs Christopher Robin to come to his rescue:

"Then there's only one thing to be done," [Christopher Robin] said. "We shall have to wait for you to get thin again."

"How long does getting thin take?" Pooh asked anxiously.

"About a week, I should think."

"But I can't stay here for a week!"

"You can stay here all right, silly old Bear. It's getting you out which is so difficult."

"We'll read to you," said Rabbit cheerfully. "And I hope it won't snow,". . .

. . ,"A week!" said Pooh gloomily. "What about meals?"

"I'm afraid no meals" said Christopher Robin, "because of getting thin quicker. But we will read to you."

Bear began to sigh, and then found he couldn't because he was so tightly stuck; and a tear rolled down his eye, as he said:

"Then would you read a Sustaining Book, such as would help and comfort a Wedged Bear in Great Tightness?"

So for a week Christopher Robin read that sort of book at the North end of Pooh, and Rabbit hung his washing on the South end. . .and in between Pooh felt himself getting slenderer and slenderer. And at the end of the week Christopher Robin said, "Now!"

Here are some suggestions for each of the sun signs for how to comfort and sustain those of us wedged in any kind of "great tightness" as we wait for the moment we can comfortably move again:

Aries: Education or media issues may have a do or die quality to them, but if you stick with the task, you'll manifest insightful help from others that sustains you.

Taurus: You may have to settle legal or financial history with a partner or a difficult truth may be pried out into the open. There's comfort in being useful to those who need you.

Gemini: Something you can't quite explain may be feeding a growing need to return to what is essential, or to record or tell a life-changing story. Just let it grow.

Cancer: Financial issues in your marriage or with contract partners could be under review. It may be necessary to revamp how you work toward a goal, together, and separately.

Leo: Although cash flow may be limited, this is an opportunity to find work or a routine that is useful in furthering authenticity and independence in your creative pursuits.

Virgo: You may have a transformative story to tell with words or your hands about the depth of your spirituality that sustains both you and those who experience it.

Libra: Conversations take on far-reaching significance, or travel plans could be curtailed as a partner readjusts finances or articulates values in a more independent way.

Scorpio: Taking time to learn what makes a partnership more stable can help you be willing to include ways each of you can express your truth. You can have it both ways.

Sagittarius: You may want to hold on to some routine comforts or go back to simple earthy pleasures that renew you. Getting outdoors on your own brings new insights to share.

Capricorn: Hidden truths having to do with friendships or romance need to be felt. Or there is an opportunity to enlighten others with your practical wisdom. Either way you grow.

Aquarius: Home repairs and opportunities in relationships or friendships are intertwined. Seeing the link can broaden the viewpoints of both parties involved.

Pisces: Maybe you didn't think you were the one to spearhead both the practical and spiritual side of manifesting a project in your immediate environment, but you can do both.

Traditionally. the first two weeks of the lunar cycle, as the moon waxes, are concerned with gestation (which is why the Farmer's Almanac and other gardening guides advise planting in the first half of the lunar cycle), while the second two weeks, beginning with the full moon, mark the time to begin releasing what we have created. It seems fitting at this time of year when the plants pull their energy downward into the earth to anchor themselves for the coming winter, that we would begin the process of release in stillness, waiting for an internal signal that external release can take place. This dynamic reminds us of the Taurean truth that standing one's ground or staying the course in a difficult situation can be a powerful form of releasing the doubts that tempt us to walk away or escape. Whether what we are releasing is external or internal, either scenario asks us to go deep to the center of our being, in line with the sustaining energy of our Mother Earth. Being stewards of the flame as it burns down to the last embers of the year is an honor we can't enjoy by amassing things or racing through our lives at top speed. This full moon brings us the tempo that allows us to rekindle the will to keep shining our lights, keep shedding some light, and keep on keeping it light!

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