StarGarden MoonWatch for the New Moon, November 1st, 2005

Hello Everyone,

I'm Maria Theresa Maggi, intuitive astrologer here in Moscow, Idaho, and you're listening to the StarGarden MoonWatch for the new moon of November 1, 2005.

This new moon in Scorpio occurs the day after Halloween, which in the Pagan way, is the beginning of the New Year, and the time when the veil between the inner and outer, the spirit and the material worlds is most thin. So this new moon is a particularly powerful time to honor the invisible nature of beginnings. The Mother Peace tarot image for the Death card, which has an affinity with the sign of Scorpio, includes a human skeleton under a twin birch tree shedding its last leaves as a large, colorful snake slithers between them, emerging from its old skin.

We can get a feel for the unconscious power of a water sign like Scorpio when we remember how the moon effects the tides. At the new and full moons high tides are especially high, and low tides are especially low, because the sun, moon and earth align to increase the gravitational effect of the moon. In turn, our emotional rhythms may have a wider arc or deeper trough at this time. Tense aspects from planets Mars, Neptune, and Saturn in the experiential mode of the fixed signs Taurus, Aquarius and Leo can make the emotional clash between the experience of individual truth and the consensus of the group seem especially vivid, as it is in the following remark from the 13 year old narrator in Jim Lynch's new novel "The Highest Tide": "I learned early on that if you tell people what you see at low tide they'll think you're exaggerating or lying when you're actually just explaining strange and wonderful things as clearly as you can." Jupiter, newly entered into Scorpio, continues to keep company with the moon, lending its expansiveness to Scorpio's attraction to phenomenon beneath the usual surface of our lives. As the sun moves into its waning cycle and the days grow shorter, we enter a time when our own consciousness turns inward to merge with what is essential to the mystery of regeneration. Jupiter also reminds us that the narrative of transformation we talked about when it traveled through Libra now becomes experiential. Even if it is shrouded or shadowed in the nexus of past and present, old and new, or the push and pull of sexual energy, or elemental, political or financial power, this new moon we will begin by having experience that draws our whole being in, or that brings the warrior within to attention in search of his or her own soul. In our love relationships, Scorpio draws us to merge with the truth beneath the surface, as this Margaret Atwood poem beautifully illustrates:

Variations on the Word Sleep

I would like to watch you sleeping.

which may not happen.

I would like to watch you,

sleeping. I would like to sleep

with you, to enter

your sleep as its smooth dark wave

slides over my head

and walk with you through the lucent

wavering forest of bluegreen leaves

with its watery sun and three moons

towards the cave where you must descend,

towards your worst fear

I would like to give you the silver

branch, the small white flower, the one

word that will protect you

from the grief at the center

of your dream, from the grief

at the center. I would like to follow

you up the long stairway

again and become

the boat that would row you back

carefully, a flame

in two cupped hands

to where your body lies

beside me, and you enter

it as easily as breathing in

I would like to be the air

that inhabits you for a moment

only, I would like to be that unnoticed

& that necessary.

Here are some suggestions for each of the sun signs for how we can find the Scorpio courage to surrender ourselves to walk with each other toward our worst fear and our brightest hope:

Aries: The border between friend and lover may be blurred in a way you have been overlooking. Or a switch in allegiance within a group may require you to reconsider your loyalties.

Taurus: You could experience a deep reconnection with a partner or grow with a new one if you begin by letting go of the very need to hold on in both an emotional and material way.

Gemini: You experience change in your work or health routine. Women or duty to family or organizations figure into this transformation. Trust your gut instinct to speak for you.

Cancer: Challenges with education practices or publishing schedules could be surprising or disruptive. You can call on your own "do or die" strategy to address these issues.

Leo: The power and balance needed to stand out in a group yet maintain balance in that group could be a theme at this time. You may be remaking your image in public.

Virgo: Conversations and meetings may bring an intensely felt learning curve that is very personal. Compassionate friends and spiritual mastery are part of the mix.

Libra: You may dig deep to share values and resources that allow you to revisit more structured or disciplined plans for communicating or taking care of the health of the group.

Scorpio: A public difficulty may cause you to go to bat for a friend or family member you idealize. Yet you have to use new tactics to win the fight; tact, negotiation, and even restraint.

Sagittarius: If you trust the process, you have the strength to affect big change behind the scenes, especially with the ill or in situations where a powerful life transition is taking shape.

Capricorn: Friendships or groups can be powerful instruments to reorient your sense of what's possible through mutual support, which transforms the feeling you are in it all alone.

Aquarius: Powerful women making their influence felt could be a theme for you at this time, which may shift your values or alliances or your practical starting point at home.

Pisces: A course of study or philosophy you believe in may initiate a change or reversal in your group contacts. Living the ideal will require disciplined patience and persistence.

Despite the tense aspects to this moon, its trine to Uranus in Pisces may prompt us to become one with inner and outer change that may seem to appear out of nowhere, like a powerful storm, an earthquake, a sudden need to cry, or a spring tide, but which may also bring a deeply felt connection to how life ushers us through the intertwined gateways of birth and death. . Scorpio brings us the choice to experience either our greatest powers of denial or our greatest potential for transformation. As Miles reminds us in "The Highest Tide: "Most people realize the sea covers two thirds of the planet, but few take the time to understand even a gallon of it. . . if you try to explain something as basic as the tides. . .People look at you as if you're making it up as you go. . .[they] don't want to invest contemplating a something like that unless they happen to stroll low tide alone at night with a flashlight and watch life bubble, skitter and spit in the shallows. Then they'll have a hard time not thinking about the beginnings of life itself and of an earth without pavement, plastic, or Man."

If we allow the tide of old habit to recede this new moon (and we may feel as if we are being forced to), we have the opportunity to begin with a revelation that shows us what we've been blind to, how large the mysteries are, and how necessary our connection to the rhythm of life, and to each other, is. When we enter a genuine state of Scorpionic surrender, we become the experience of being the light we shine, the light we shed, and the will to keep it light!

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