StarGarden MoonWatch for the New Moon, October 21st, 2006

Hello Everyone,

I’m Maria Theresa Maggi, intuitive astrologer here on KRFP in Moscow, Idaho, and you’re listening to the StarGarden MoonWatch for the new moon of October 21, 2006.

The new lunar cycle in October begins in the airy sign of Libra, the scales. In Libra, the opposite sign to Aries, we enter the realm of social consensus where we actively look for commonalities and affinity that will bring us into balance in our partnerships. The moon, as the emotional reflector of the sun’s creative will, purpose and vital energy, continues the themes of the previous full moon from the Lbran end of the scales. Venus and Mars are still traveling very close to the sun, and now the moon joins all of them, starting a new round of emotional deliberation and consensus for the next twenty eight days. Sinee it combines both contrariness and diplomacy, Libra is considered both the sign of marriage and the sign of open enemies. We may be feeling the initiative to find balance on a new level of this paradox quite sharply this new moon. It may be hard to separate  the things we love about our partners or any groups we are committed to from the things that drive us to open argument with them. When such opposites are equally omnipresent, it is always helpful to have a guiding principle or practice that helps us carry the contradictions.

The influence of both Pluto and Saturn in this new moon chart assures that our emotional initiatives will be prompted by the surfacing of deep truths, life changing journeys of any kind, and the weight of responsibility to loved ones. One of the best examples of a love story seeking a Libran balance with all of these things is Grace and Grit, a memoir by philosopher and  Buddhist author Ken Wilber, in which he tells the story, partly in his words and partly in hers, of “spirituality and healing in the life and death of Treya Wilber.” Treya, his wife of five years who was diagnosed with cancer soon after their honeymoon. Their entire marriage became the proving ground for how to find balance in partnership when facing a life and death challenge on a daily basis. In the following open letter from the book about being a support person to a partner with a terminal illness, Wilber describes how he “balances” his own need to win arguments, in a style that begins with a witty, seemingly off the cuff comparison—a hallmark of any Libran conversation—and arrives at an equilibrium that includes both deliberation and consensus, the two weights that balance the Libran scale:

“When people ask me what I do, and I’m in no mood to chit-chat, I usually tell them ‘I’m a Japanese wife,’ which totally confuses them. The point is that, as a support person, you are supposed to be silent and simply do as your spouse wills—you’re supposed to be a good ‘wifey.’ Men find this particularly tough. I did, anyway. It took me. . .maybe two years before I stopped resenting the fact that in any argument we had or decision we made, Treya had the trump card: ’But I have cancer.’ Treya, in other words, would almost always get her way, and I was reduced to simply going along like the good little wife.
I don’t mind this so much anymore. For one thing, I don’t just automatically “go along” with all Treya’s decisions, particularly when I think they reflect bad judgment. Previously I would tend to go along with her because she seemed almost desperately to need me to support her decisions, even if it meant lying about how I really felt. The way we work it now is that if Treya is making an important decisions on, say, whether to try a new treatment, I give her my opinion as strongly as I can state it, even if I disagree with her, right up to the point she finally decides what to do. From that point on, I agree with her, and get behind her, and support her in her choice as best I can. It’s no longer my job to heckle her, or cast doubts on her choices. She has enough problems without having to constantly doubt her own course of action.”

Here are some suggestions for each of the sun signs for how to begin weighing the balance of deliberation and consensus at this new moon, on or off the cuff:

Aries: You may have to take your own responsibility to a child or a partner more seriously. Or a partner could challenge you with a new emotional purpose that shifts  your  interactions to a deeper level of  truth. 

Taurus: More daily attention to finding balance in work or health is necessary now. This could include wanting a partner to help with these needs, but it is also necessary to give them the same understanding and support.

Gemini: Eagerness to initiate lively interactions with loved ones or work with others on a collaborative project takes center stage. Yet it’s necessary to be generous, humble and responsible to achieve any common goal.

Cancer: There’s a new urge to balance relationships at home or your own feelings about relating to people that you usually keep hidden. What you express to others at this time carries great weight and can help you grow.

Leo: On the one hand, you’ve got a lot to say about how those in your immediate environment relate to one another, and you. On the other hand, what you project onto them may reflect  your own doing.

Virgo:  You could be balancing resources for others while you or they are away from home. The key is establishing that balance while at home or while away. You may also talk about the past and learn from it.

Libra: The feeling of purpose you have in your actions toward a partnership gets a new jump start at this time. There could be a big shift  in your immediate environment that becomes an agent for this change.

Scorpio: You may have the opportunity to adjust past beliefs you’ve had about relationships so you can grow.  Such insight could also help you begin a new educational or research project that is far reaching.

Sagittarius: You may be very focused on associating with friends or goups  you haven’t seen in a while. You may actively seek to understand how these fit into a future plane or a big picture you feel unfolding.

Capricorn: You may begin a new cycle of helping bring about a more cohesive balance in your family or in a group or public project. Trusting what you believe can help these surprising adjustments take form.

Aquarius: Making or discussing educational or travel plans with a partner is very all encompassing at this time. There may be a legal or spiritual aspect to these negotiations. Be patient and present with the process.

Pisces: You may walk a fine line between what  you feel a partner should contribute and how to shift your own starting point so that can happen in a more balanced way. Finding a way to practice what you preach is key.

In another section of Grace and Grit, Treya herself describes how she came to combine passion and equanimity as a powerful force of balance in her healing journey, both in her marriage and in her life with cancer: “It suddenly occurred to me that our normal understanding of what passion means is loaded with the ideas of clinging, of wanting something or someone, of fearing losing them, or possessiveness. What if you had passion without all that stuff, passion without attachment, passion and clean and pure? . . .I thought of these moments in meditation when I felt my heart open, a painfully wonderful sensation, a passionate feeling but without clinging to any content, person, or thing. And the two words suddenly coupled in my mind and made a whole. Passionate equanimity.—to be fully passionate about all aspects of life, about one’s relationship with spirit, to care to the depths of one’s being but with no trace of clinging or holding, that’s what the phrase has come to mean to me. It feels full, rounded, complete, and challenging.”

As the moon rounds itself into fullness in the next two weeks, perhaps we can nurture an ability to balance deliberation and consensus within a practice of passionate equanimity in all our partnerships. We have a head start in meeting  this challenge if  we first make the decision to shine our lights, shed some light and keep it light!

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