StarGarden MoonWatch for the Full Moon, October 17th, 2005

Hello Everyone,

I'm Maria Theresa Maggi, intuitive astrologer here in Moscow, Idaho, and you're listening to the StarGarden MoonWatch for the full moon of October 17, 2005.

The lunar cycle of October becomes full in the sign of Aries, and is also a lunar eclipse. Aries is the warrior, and trailblazer, and the natural opposite to Libra, the diplomat, that "joins" us in harmony through our social and intimate partnerships. Yet when eclipses occur in such pairings, they can reverse the current of polarity between the signs involved and the energies they represent. At this full moon the Libra sun casts the earth's shadow over the singularity and individualistic urges normally associated with Aries. The positive Arian warrior is a protector of the community and of those he or she loves, and the eclipse will emphasize the unselfishness necessary to win the kind of battle that brings a larger peace. Carolyn Casey in Making the Gods Work for You says that typically Aries energy embodies the struggle to be distinct individuals, mavericks and flirts, and introduces her description of this sign with the Irish saying "is this a private fight or can anyone join in?" Aries energy relishes a good fight or argument, and often friends and enemies are indistinguishable from one another. Since desire itself begins with Aries as the energy of Spring, Aries longs to be first, to stir things up, and so confrontation and even combat is felt as a form of intimacy.

But the conventional Arian role of singular catalyst is overshadowed this full moon by the Libran pairing of the sun and Jupiter. Sitting on the opposite end of the seesaw of awareness, this pair invokes our sense of shared history and spiritual connection as a starting point rather than the singular psychological emphasis or sexual newness that otherwise defines the energy of Aries. In both our personal relationships and our social agreements, we seek a fulfillment of purpose that includes the collective story, the big picture, the legal or literary context, or the how and why of where the other person or group is coming from. As Jupiter has traveled though Libra in the past year, we have had the opportunity to expand our awareness of what it means to be in relationship, and to grow in understanding of those we partner with by learning to listen to their stories, and to see how they connect with our own.

The challenge at this full moon is to actively listen and stay awake to what the story of another is telling us about the cost of our own impatience to move forward. Mars, the ruler of Aries, is retrograde in the sign of Taurus, making aspects to the Sun, Jupiter, Pluto and Chiron that require us to review how our individual actions affect a relationship, society, or the environment. This placement of Mars emphasizes an inversion of the usual Aries approach. Instead of speeding forward, we are asked to backtrack slowly and deliberately to untangle or renegotiate how to care for or preserve the land and the people we love who may be scarred from the thoughtlessness or selfishness of past use or abuse. Stewardship, rather than entrepreneurial spirit, marks both environmental and legal appeals, and can become "conservative" in an essential rather than political sense to counter selfish motives or personal gain. Like the pattern of trails twisted beyond recognition on public lands that do not honor the distinction between non-motorized and motorized access, at this time, in all legal matters, whether they are media leak investigations, environmental law suits, an invasive new role of the military in domestic affairs, or public heath contingency proposals to vaccinate against disease, we are asked to go back over how resources or values have been misused or violated.

Metaphor can help us see how an individual physical act can stand for a more expansive, revelatory awareness that honors larger patterns and connections, as in these stanzas from Billy Collins poem "Splitting Wood":

I want to say there is nothing

like the sudden opening of wood,

but it is like so many other things—

the stroke of the ax like lightning,

the bisection so perfect

the halves fall away from each other

as in a mirror,

and hit the soft ground

like twins shot through the heart.

And rarely, if the wood

accepts the blade without conditions,

the two pieces keep their balance

in spite of the blade,

remain stunned on the block

as if they cannot believe their division,

Their sudden separateness.

Still upright, still together,

they wobble slightly

as two lovers, once secretly bound,

might stand revealed,

more naked than ever,

…all the inner twisting of the grain

that held them blindly

in their augmentation and contortion

now rushed into this brightness

as if by a shutter

that once opened can never be closed.

Here are some suggestions for each of the sun signs about how to act with generosity in the presence of a need that exposes a larger truth than our own personal agenda:

Aries: Your relationships have something to teach you this eclipse beyond your usual impulses that show you the larger meaning of your history or your battle scars.

Taurus: You may begin to understand a past need to escape in relationships through sex or physical activity, and have a new opportunity to shift health and habits.

Gemini: You've got a vision for how money or values can be implemented to benefit a group. Trust the urge to speak frankly--you'll find allies you didn't expect.

Cancer: The chance to tell your history could take a turn that causes you to rethink or to discover that a partner or relative understands more about your life than you knew.

Leo: Plans or dreams to explore new creative territory or take a trip may have to be balanced with existing partnerships or educational projects. Be willing to do both.

Virgo: Disclosing feelings about the connection between the body and the spirit could rebalance feeling that you must do all the work--others can teach you now.

Libra: Your purpose is to be generous with a partner who wants to try something on his or her own, because you are pursuing your own journeys, either literal or of the mind.

Scorpio: Tensions regarding responsibilities to youth or groups can be released through investigation and mental strategy. It's necessary to be patient with the process.

Sagittarius: You reconsider expressing your creativity or sexuality in a more grounded, habitual way through association with a friend, or a spiritual or educational group.

Capricorn: Generous public attention and deeply private processes can align to help you reground and master a willingness to take life's mysteries as they come.

Aquarius: An educational or travel project you would usually do on your own could become a team effort. The challenge is to take the time to lead with your vision.

Pisces: It may be time to dig deep into what it will take to make a future plan a practical reality. Some of this may involve leading with a vision of how to organize.

Just as at the new moon and solar eclipse we were invited to honor the presence of invisible guidance to balance the visible, at this full moon and lunar eclipse, what has been private now becomes public. What we've done alone, we must learn to share with others, in order to bring it to fullness or completion. This lunar eclipse we have the opportunity to see how our individual paths cross with those of others in extraordinary and healing ways if we are willing to take responsibility for our impatience or impulsiveness and bless disruptions that show us how to be truly compassionate rather than hiding our heads (the Ariean part of the body) in the sand. Venus in Sagittarius reminds us to take the broad inclusive view so we can realize that yes, this IS a fight anyone can join in, if we make room for them to stand beside us. We may be blessed with unexpected allies at this time if we listen for ways to shine our lights, shed some light and keep it light!

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