StarGarden MoonWatch for the New Moon, October 3rd, 2005

Hello Everyone, I'm Maria Theresa Maggi, intuitive astrologer here in Moscow, Idaho, and you're listening to the StarGarden MoonWatch for the new moon of October 3, 2005.

The first new moon of fall is in the sign of Libra, which rules the balance point of the Fall equinox we experienced several days ago. This new moon reveals the underside of Libran balance, by eclipsing the sun it joins. At this time, the symbol of Libra, the scales, can reveal an unexpected model of partnership. The sun's light in Libra makes us intent on finding balance in partnership by openly engaging the other, but when eclipsed by the moon we have to rely on a less articulate emotional instinct to bring about that balance. One way of visualizing this phenomenon is that at this time the visible and and the invisible are actually balanced on the Libran scales, and we begin with the counterintuitive truth that the invisible carries the same weight as what we can see, and in some cases may even be tipping the scales. Yet how can something that we can't see regarding our social contract with others have more weight than who or what is in front of us? An explanation from astrologer and physicist Will Keepin who works with the theories of physicist David Bohm may help us visualize this strange model of "cosmic partnership."

David Bohm proposed that reality is " a single unbroken wholeness in flowing movement" which he called a "holomovement." He "further proposed that the holomovement. . ."consists of two parts—and explicate order and an implicate order." And that electrons essentially act with a kind of awareness about the rest of the universe, which he called quantum potential. Will Keepin explains that this means each electron is a kind of guided particle. Bohm uses the analogy of a 747 flying over the ocean to explain how this works. It's guided by radio waves, although the radio waves themselves do not have the energy to actually cause the plane to turn and make a change in course. They provide information that the airliner then responds to. Although the radio waves themselves contain much less energy than the plane in a physical sense, the information they contain enables the airliner to guide and direct its own energy.

At this new moon, being in touch with that "invisible information" whether it comes to us in the form of a gut feeling, a hunch, a dream, or an epiphany, is what will guide us in how to achieve balance in our social contracts with others. Those of us with Libra energy in our lives know that Libra most often seeks the balance through conversation, argument, or some other externalized social interaction, dialogue/debate or procedure. Yet this new moon asks that we tune into that invisible guidance FIRST, before we go to work out the balance in the give and take of conversation. If we do this, our conversations have the potential to be extraordinary, even life changing. The inclusiveness of Venus, the planet with an affinity for Libra takes on deeper resonance as it moves through Scorpio, compelling us to attune with energy below the radar at this new moon. The aspects to Mars in Taurus have us review whether we're actually putting our money or material resources where our values are. Although we won't see the eclipse in North America because the path of visibility crosses over Spain and Portugal and then sweep across north and central Africa to set in the Indian Ocean, we will still feel the effects in the way described above. Or we may simply feel the reality of how what is happening far away, such as the genocide in Darfur. is unwittingly being perpetuated by our insulation from the truth.

This kind of awareness of being connected to the invisible suffering of those around us or of those tucked into a far and unfamiliar corner of the world is uncomfortable at best and can also be overwhelming to a degree that threatens to incapacitate. So it's important to turn to our mystics for guidance in situations like these, when our expectation that we should be functional and comfortable while we "handle" everything breaks down. Mystics give us the wisdom that an appropriate place to begin in such a situation IS to go ahead and crack open, in order to allow that "implicate order" to re-emerge.

Here are some suggestions for how each of the sun signs can begin the holographic journey of balancing the visible with the invisible:

Aries: Going it alone may surrender to a sudden insight about a past violence or disruption that shifts how you see a relationship with a friend or a legal obligation.

Taurus: It may be hard to rebalance your routine after a very intense involvement, either personal or with the arts. Give yourself down time to make the shift.

Gemini: Creating a movable structure with art or children may combine travel with seeing friends from the past. Your history and your future are fused at this time.

Cancer: You have a chance for a new surge of generosity toward family members and responsibilities at home. The feeling of "being there" for those you love is priceless.

Leo: You may hold down the fort at work or home while others hash it out. Or you see your responsibilities in a new way that makes you happy to be there for others.

Virgo: Your relationship with those you help is deepened by a sudden insight about how our limitations teach us to honor the wisdom they bring us.

Libra: If you tend to be overwhelmed by routine or health issues, this new moon can help you take responsibility for shifting the attitude causing the indecision.

Scorpio: A tendency toward melodrama or overindulgence could be softened this new moon if you use a spiritual discipline that balances heart and mind.

Sagittarius: Your relationship with friends may require you go deeper than your comfort zone. This could actually ground you more fully in your own routine.

Capricorn: Your relationships, personal and public, can serve a more sensual or comfortable self-expression if you allow yourself to be true to your own history.

Aquarius: You've got a chance for material support at home or at work if you are willing to argue convincingly yet diplomatically for a principle you believe is true.

Pisces: A belief about your early life could be reversed through a new mastery of your routine emotional responsibilities. You can rebalance if you let go.

Libra is a natural patron of the arts, knowing they bring balance to our life as nothing else does. So at this new moon and solar eclipse, it seems fitting to offer the work of David Wilcox and Nancy Petit in their CD Out Beyond Ideas, Songs for Peace Project. Inspired by a book of mystical poetry from all the major religious traditions, these artists set the poems to music, and all proceeds from the CD go to benefit Partners in Conflict and Partners in Peacebuidling. Their version of the translation by Daniel Ladinsky of Sufi poet Shama-ud din Mohammed Hafiz is an especially relevant message at the eclipse of the Libra sun:

Don't surrender your loneliness

so quickly. Let it cut more deep

Let it ferment and season you

As few human or divine ingredients can.

Something missing in my heart tonight

Has made my eyes so soft,

My voice so tender

My need of love absolutely clear

Only the lunar calendar gives us the opportunity to start anew each month, in tune with the organic rhythm of growth and release. At a new moon that is also a solar eclipse, that beginning point becomes even more a matter of revealing emotional habit and less a matter of the purpose and will the sun represents. Libra's season welcomes the condition that some fall crops, rather than dying, are made sweeter once the first frost hits. The eclipse shadow calls us deeper into the strange beauty that comes in the face of such contradictions when we shine our lights, shed some light and keep it light!

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