StarGarden MoonWatch for the Full Moon, September 18th, 2005

Hello Everyone,

I'm Maria Theresa Maggi, intuitive astrologer here in Moscow, Idaho, and here is the StarGarden MoonWatch for the full of moon of September 18, 2005.

The moon is full this September in Pisces. As the twelfth and last sign, Pisces contains the essence of all the other signs and is known both as the treasure chest and the dust bin of the tropical zodiac. The symbol for Pisces is a stylized version of the two fish swimming in opposite directions that represent the energy of this sign. Pisces is the natural polarity of Virgo, the sign we began this lunar cycle with, and so it contains the "hard-working" self-sacrificing" fish who swims upstream, against all odds, to get home to spawn, only to die. Yet it also contains the shadow of this striving—the fish that moves with and is carried about by the watery currents, instead of the instinct to swim against them. Pisces addresses those experiences that are beyond our will or our words to describe. It reveals the huge yet humble truth that we all depend on, swim in, and derive our life from the same current, whether we swim with it or against it. Pisces saturates and submerges us in the element of water, which is also a symbol of the unconscious energy it rules. Pisces calls home the infinite spaces beyond the world of form and waking reality, the moments when we space out and loose track of time, the timeless world of our dreams, our illusions, our drunks and our highs, and the compassion that connects us to all living beings. Pisces affinity for chemicals brings us the images from photographs and film that shape that timeless world of hopes, dreams, loss, addiction, and longing. The beginning of Jorie Grahams' beautiful poem "Salmon" unites the dynamic of the image formed in the mind from an image on a screen of the migration of salmon away from the ocean. In so doing, it depicts the paradoxical combination of determination and helplessness that defines the Pisces journey to experience the soul:

I watched them once, at dusk, on television, run

in our motel room half-way through

Nebraska, quick, glittering, past beauty, past

the importance of beauty,


not even hungry, not even endangered, driving deeper and deeper

into less. They leapt up falls, ladders,

and rock, tearing and leaping, a gold river

and a blue river traveling

in opposite directions.

They would not stop, resolution of will

and helplessness, as the eye

is helpless

when the image forms itself, upside-down, backward,

driving up into

the mind, and the world

unfastens itself

from the deep ocean of the given. . .

At this full moon, Virgo's call to do what is needed ripens into gestures of compassion, for the victims of the flood, the victims of war, and the victim in each of us we want to shut away and forget. In Pisces, we feel the paradox of being at once the evacuee and the rescue worker. Just as the new moon did a couple of weeks ago, the Pisces full moon now makes an aspect to Mars in Taurus. This aspect reveals our most comfortable starting point for being grounded is to believe the truth of those who need us, whether they are across the country, across the street, or across the table, despite whether they have treated us fairly, prepared themselves properly, disappointed us, or given us what we wanted. Its connection to both the moon and Jupiter and Pluto may also elicit Piscean musical tributes or memorials that move us to support and honor our connection to the people and place who have given us jazz.

These planetary connections may also motivate us to put money or other material resources or just plain stubborn resistance or determination into a dream of restoration that actively dissolves the boundaries of our illusory separateness from one another, just as the Pisces attunement to music does.

Here are some suggestions for each of the sun signs about how to merge with the saturation point of this Pisces full moon:

Aries: Trusting a hunch to stay practical in the face of controversy over what's right or legal can help you establish a more responsible, secure sense of your own authority.

Taurus: It may feel as though you are required to move mountains at work to get people to agree or cooperate, but you want to make the effort to hear all sides.

Gemini: You may have to rebalance a belief that you need to be all things to all people, in particular children or partners whom you are trying to please or teach.

Cancer: The future of public programs or funds that protect or nurture those who need it may require you believe in and practice your right to challenge an inadequate status quo.

Leo: You need to believe that articulating your values could change or balance a dynamic in an important partnership. Standing your ground, even alone, makes a difference.

Virgo: The full moon helps you believe you can change a habit or a practice with a partner or friend in a way that is practical yet can heal the past at a deep level.

Libra: You may have to balance time alone and time to join with others to fight an unfair practice or ruling. In either case you need to pay attention to your own needs.

Scorpio: You may find your purpose in joining with groups, partners or friends requires planning a future that transforms both values and resources in a detailed active way.

Sagittarius: You may feel tension between wanting to escape and needing to stand your ground because your belief in a project remains true or just for those it serves.

Capricorn: Understanding that unconscious power struggles surface or talking about what has been hidden can balance the expression of your values with friends or groups.

Aquarius: A change in resources could shift more responsibility to you in partnerships or at work. Your willingness to feel what's going on behind the scenes will help.

Pisces: A more public stand on spiritual issues may also require more disciplined routine, and a need to stay grounded while doing more than one thing at a time.

Before Disney got hold of her, Hans Christian Anderson's little mermaid was a stunning example of what it takes to grow a soul. Those of you who are not familiar with the original version may be shocked to learn that the prince did not marry her, and that she came to the edge of murdering him in order to save herself from death the night of his wedding to a human bride he mistakenly believed had saved him, when in fact it was she who saved his life. But as she stood above the sleeping couple, her heart was filled with compassion and forgiveness, and she threw her knife into the ocean. It is this act, and not scheming toward the happily every after ending she had believed would bring it, that allowed her to gain access to the immortal soul she wished for. We too may be surrendering to experiences or understanding that shift the reality of our sense of justice or self-righteousness. Any remaining belief that established procedures in government or economics are addressing the problems at hand effectively may be shaken to the core. Instead, the true leaders may be the people who have suffered and lost so much in the flood or the war. Pisces humbles us by knocking us off the very feet it rules, and takes us to these uncomfortable depths, where the rules of the world do not seem to matter anymore, or the ones we were told to play by are dissolved, submerged or washed away, like the houses, possessions and, most painfully, the loved ones lost in these tragedies. The spiritual vision of Pisces reminds us that we are all prisoners of this world, and when the trappings of our world dissolve, what we have left that cannot be taken is the willingness to shine our lights, shed some light, and keep it light.

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