StarGarden MoonWatch for the Full Moon, September 7th, 2006

Hello Everyone,

I'm Maria Theresa Maggi, intuitive astrologer on KRFP in Moscow, Idaho, and you're listening to the StarGarden MoonWatch for the full moon of September 7, 2006.

The full moon in September is in Pisces, the sign of the two fish, the twelfth and last sign of the tropical zodiac. When we arrive at Pisces, we arrive at the paradox of moving upstream and downstream simultaneously, and know that all directions lead to the same destination: merging at the source that connects at both the beginning and the end of all we are and do. The inherent paradox of Piscean unity and merging is transformed this full moon by a partial lunar eclipse. In astrological symbolism, an eclipse signals a reversal of business as usual, when what is in shadow comes forward into the light. It gives us an "opposite" opportunity for awareness from whatever way we tend to respond or react to those phenomena in our lives that Pisces most typically describes.

Pisces is the domain of the unconscious, the dream world and all states of altered consciousness,  devotional, ecstatic or even fanatical religious experience, or any existence that removes us from the "norm" of the work a day world. Since Pisces is prone to place us in a state of  union or dependency on that with which we are merging, this eclipse may provide both a sharp and surprising step away from such tendencies, or allow us to see them in ourselves or others more clearly than we usually do. Since the full moon also joins the planet Uranus, these reversals or changes could appear suddenly or take us by surprise. We may also feel emotional equivalency or alliance in situations where we usually feel either dominated, ignored, martyred or swept away. It may also be a difficult time to escape from what troubles us, either literally, by running away, or by chemically, by altering our state of mind with drugs or alcohol. Or if we do attempt to escape, we may instead find ourselves right back in the middle of  the very kind of situation we thought we were escaping. In such a situation, it can seem like the very places within us or in our enviroment we go to find refuge can seem like prisons instead of sanctuaries.  Yet it is also those very situations that can bring out hidden strength of purpose and compassion if we let them do so. In the People's History of the  United States, Howard Zinn quotes the last message immigrant and anarchist Nicola Sacco wrote to his son from prison before being electrocuted for a murder he and another friend, Bartolomeo Vansetti, did not commit. His remarkable words he labored to write in his second language, English,  show us the bravery born of compassion and unselfishness Pisces is capable of:

"So, Son instead of crying, be strong, so as to be able to comfort your mother. . .take her for a walk in the quiet country, gathering wild flowers here and there. . .But remember always, Dante, in the play of happiness, don't you use all for yourself only.  help the persecuted and the victim for they are your better friends. . .In this struggle of life you will find more and love and you will be loved."

Here  are some suggestions for each of the sun signs for how to free ourselves through compassion when there's nowhere else to run:

Aries: The purpose of your everyday work or health routine may take a sudden shift due to the needs of a friend or a group. Or you may suddenly feel the importance of trusting your intuition rather than sticking with the plan.

Taurus: A partner or a legal contract could shift plans for the future. This could be to your advantage in the long run if you're willing to take responsibility for an important decision at home. No one else can make it but you.

Gemini: Your involvement with an unusual friend or group helps you learn about or change something in your own emotional routine that hast o do with the status of women. What was private becomes suddenly public.

Cancer: The things you think but don't say now need to be to articulated. This could be in writing or in general conversation. Learning to widen your own field of expression can bring surprising opportunity you didn't expect.

Leo: You may be realigning and reorganizing values or resources to allow more freedom or to fit more freely with those of a partner or group. If you make room for it, you can experience the gifts of the unexpected.

Virgo: You could be more aware of all the arranging you do to nurture your relationships, and want to break free. Or a partner who is usually unavailable becomes more involved. These unexpected twists now seem normal.

Libra: Working up close with those who are less fortunate or with a group you don't usually associate with can change your whole approach to your health and habits. An unconventional approach is needed.

Scorpio: If you have been more focused on how others behave in a group, you may now become more aware of your own impact in the same situation. Associates you thought of as peripheral now become necessary allies.

Sagittarius: Rearrangements at work, and a big shift at home allow for deep transformation of your own freedom to act. It's important to let go and let others you didn't expect to be up for it take the reins.

Capricorn: The communication style you thought necessary now receives a complete overhaul. Resist the urge to micro-manage or compensate, and the revelatory truth of trusting  your own  intuition is assured.

Aquarius:  Partnerships could require a lot of logistical and emotional adjusting right now. It may not seem like it at first, but facing what's needed can actually free your in tuitive wisdom about what's realistic.

Pisces: If you've been hiding from acting on your own emotional judgment, now is  the time to make that clear to a partner. Assuming this emotional responsibility actually frees you up to act more independently.


The planet Uranus joining this full moon carries the quirky intellectual energy of genius and sudden insight, and has an affinity with broadcasting, computers, and grass roots equality and individuality for human beings at large. So another phenomenon we may notice collectively and personally is surprising shifts away from fanatical points of view that come to us through these mediums. Religious groups may surprise us by departing from a longstanding position to join forces with others who they might ordinarily oppose or resist.  Long time prisoners or patients in hospitals might become catalysts for a revolutionary change of heart Equally, we have the opportunity at this full moon to "free" ourselves from whatever forms of imprisonment we allow  ourselves to be placed in, emotionally or mentally. At this lunar eclipse, we have the opportunity to stand up from the very places we usually go to hide, and trust the power that never leaves us when we shine our lights, shed some light, and keep it light!


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