StarGarden MoonWatch for the New Moon, September 3rd, 2005

Hello Everyone, I'm Maria Theresa Maggi, intuitive astrologer here in Moscow, Idaho, and you're listening to the StarGarden MoonWatch for September 3, 2005.

We begin the lunar cycle this September in Virgo by rolling up our sleeves to work in preparation for the change of season in the natural world, the academic world or the inner world of body, mind and spirit. The sixth house, the home of Virgo, is where we do what must be done on a daily basis. The archetype of the Virgin and the Harvest are intertwined in this sign through the purity and self-possession of giving oneself over to an ordinary task. At this time of year when the trees are bending with fruit and the zucchinis are multiplying overnight in the garden, Virgo's affinity for methodical processing is essential. So here is a Virgo question to consider: should you make jam with or without pectin? If you want to understand the full spectrum of Virgo potential, the answer is yes and yes. If you make jam with pectin, then you follow a process that says pectin first, sugar or honey second, and the ratio of pectin to sugar is as essential to success as stirring the jam for the required number of minutes and no more. Without pectin, it's an intricate process of another order. The sugar and the fruit cook together from the beginning. The cooking time is both slower and longer, and the moment you get a gel is subjective, depending the amount of natural pectin in the fruit, the way a spoonful of hot jam drips off the spoon, or whether it beads up on a plate in the freezer. You reach the gel point by paying attention and trusting your instincts about when to stop cooking. The process is not as uniform. It depends on aligning your attention with an intricately timed internal process. With pectin, the process depends on aligning your attention with an intricately timed external process. One is slower and one is faster Either way you get jam. The challenge for the Virgo in all of us, emphasized now by the placement of sun and moon, is to discern when to go slowly enough to follow inner guidance and when to move fast enough to get the job done, in jam making, and in life.

Virgo's wish for the perfect process stems from a deeper wish to make the world a better place. While the hermit, the tarot archetype paired with Virgo, habitually keeps to him or her self, esoterically this seclusion brings the ability to hold the light for others to find their way. This new moon calls us to hold up a light to what needs to be done by paying careful attention to unpredictable shifts in our external or internal environment and letting that attention be guided by our own discernment. This discernment emerges through being grounded in the moment of the task at hand. The sun and moon's opposition to Uranus in Pisces may challenge our usual attention to detail by ensuring we will be working with a beginning point that is unexpected, spontaneous, unorganized, radical, or innovative, either personally or communally.

Since the organs of digestion and assimilation are the domain of Virgo, it becomes all the more important at this time to pay attention to health issues, and to honor the connection between physical well being and "gut feelings." Gretel Erlich eloquently speaks to this need in the following passage from Match to the Heart, as she contemplates how her own life, physically and emotionally, is shifted to a new beginning point by the sudden experience of being struck by lightning:

"How odd that we walk around with these bodies, live in them, die in them, make love with them, yet know almost nothing of their intimate workings, the judicious balancing act of homeostasis, the delicate architecture of their organs and systems, or the varying weathers of their private, internal environments. Up to this point my living and breathing had been an act of faith. I existed but I didn't know how.. . . How could I have been so uncurious? If I held a match to my heart, would I be able to see its workings, would I know my body the way I know a city, with its internal civilization of chemical messengers, electrical storms, cellular cities in which past, present, and future are contained, would I walk the thousand miles of arterial roadways, branching paths of communication, and coiled tubing for waste and nutrients, would I know where the passion to live and love comes from? It is no wonder we neglect the natural world outside ourselves when we do not have the interest to know the one within."

Here are some suggestions for how each of the sun signs can find the precision point between inner and outer attention at this new moon:

Aries: It may suddenly occur to you what a female friend or co-worker needs. Being grounded in your values helps you find the generosity to give what is needed.

Taurus: Mars in your sign gives you the stamina or stubbornness to face a demanding project with children or in the arts. Partners may need your generosity and support.

Gemini: You may be sorting out emotions about your dual role as parent and teacher. Maybe telling your own history in an unexpected setting frees you to make new choices.

Cancer: You could begin a more exact process of examining emotional details with someone you trust. Sharing your own history could surprise and free you.

Leo: You may be focused on what resources or values are necessary to bring an idealistic group or a vision into form. You may turn on the charm to advance your agenda.

Virgo: The value of taking a wide and generous view of life and relationships may help you with surprises or reversals in groups or with partners who challenge this view.

Libra: An unexpected surprise in your routine or your health serves to help you understand how to relate to a partner who needs your unconditional support.

Scorpio: A female friend or a group could help you plan for how to be solid in a partnership that may include expressing difficult truth regarding your past history.

Sagittarius: A teacher (possibly a woman) may help you organize and establish a new practice that steadies you in the face of disruptive changes in a group or at home.

Capricorn: Innovative insights may highlight your role as both student and teacher. A responsible heart will help you know when to lead and when to be guided.

Aquarius: You may worry about a partner who is struggling with how to handle responsibilities to children or to work. Your careful, dutiful attention can help.

Pisces: You may let out all the stops to help someone you feel responsible for. You may be surprised how easy it is to be steady for a person who really needs it.

Discerning the perfect moment of ripeness is the gift Virgo can bring us at this time of year. As we begin to harvest the fruits of all our labors, whether in the garden, the classroom or work for social change, we begin to live the paradox of preparation and release the act of harvesting brings. The moon's sensual, earthy trine to Mars in Taurus suggests it will be healing to enjoy the physical pleasures of each task we undertake to prepare for the coming season. Mars will also lend a sturdy strength for those of us who take our turn to hold the light up for others in some practical way, like the members of Gold Star Families for Peace who have been willing to take Cindy Sheehan's place at her camp in Crawford so she could leave temporarily when her mother suffered a stroke. Mars, combined with Virgo's willingness to serve, gives us the strength to see what one person can do, that no effort is too small. As we humbly follow a path that reveals the extraordinary within the ordinary, we also learn to shine our lights shed some light, and keep it light!

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