StarGarden MoonWatch for the Full Moon, August 28th, 2007

Hello Everyone,

I’m Maria Theresa Maggi, intuitive astrologer and poet here on KRFP in Moscow, Idaho, and you’re listening to the StarGarden MoonWatch for the full moon of August 28, 2007.

The moon is full and totally eclipsed at the end of August in Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac. When the moon is eclipsed, the energy of the sign it is in often flips itself over and expresses itself more like the energy of its opposite sign, which in this case is Virgo. Pisces is drawn into realms unfettered by the boundaries of space and time, while Virgo thrives on a proscribed and workaday routine. Pisces immerses itself in the whole while Virgo focuses on the details. So at this full moon eclipse, we may experience an interesting combination or switch of these polarities as they lose their distinctiveness. Perhaps a “detail,” seemingly from out of the blue, gives us a Pisces experience of redemption. Or perhaps our Piscean desire to escape   brings us right back to the Virgo task at hand. Sometimes an eclipse can turn the ridiculous into the sublime, or vice versa. David Kirby’s long and hilarious narrative poem, “The Afterlife,” sets up just such an experience for us. The occasion of the poem is a memory of him and his roommate Kevin in grad school, following a strictly circumscribed ritual (Virgo) of going out for “shots and drafts”  (Pisces ), and ending up back at the apartment where they finish their ritual by making cinnamon toast under the oven broiler. Only they almost always burn the first batch of toast due to drunken inattention (Pisces). Undaunted, Kevin methodically catapults the charred toast one by one (Virgo) out the window into the invisible night (Pisces), and they start over, now ready to pay attention (Virgo). The last part of this poem is Kirby’s speculation on what might have happened to the unsuspecting passersby in their university neighborhood who might have been accosted by burned cinnamon toast falling from the sky (both Virgo and Pisces). The outlandish and wonderful redemptive scenario he imagines last are what we will take as an object lesson in how to appreciate the potential lunacy in a Pisces lunar eclipse:

            “. . .and they’re walking along,
things have been up and down
            in their lives lately, but they’re down now,
that’s for sure, and they’re thinking,
            God, why bother, and then the first piece
of toast hits them on the shoulder,
            and another piece lands in the bushes
a few feet away, and they look up,
            and pow, a piece hits them right on the nose,
but it’s only cinnamon toast,
            so it doesn’t really hurt, and they pick it up,
and this piece isn’t burned so badly,
            it’s one of the ones that was in the front corner
of the broiler rack, and it’s still warm,
            and the person is a little hungry because
he or she hasn’t been eating so well lately,
            so they figure, What the hell,
and they take a little nibble,
            and it’s not so bad, and they walk home
munching the warm cinnamon toast.

            and when they get there,
their huband or wife or lover says,
Jesus, where have you been,
I was so worried, especially with
            the state of mind you’ve been in lately,
and the person gives a little smile—
            not a big one, because it’s not as though
anything has really changed yet—
            and says, well, you know,
the funniest thing just happened to me.

            and they sit down and have a long talk
and then get into bed together and keep talking
            and they don’t really make love but they do kind of
nibble on each other and exchange big wet
            open-mouthed kisses and finally fall asleep
in each other’s ams saying, Good night, I love you,
            good night, I love you so much, good night,
good night, and while this isn’t the kind of scenario
            that you see a lot of in literature—a few stories
by Raymond Carver, say, or I. B. Singer—

            nonetheless any number of contemporary paintings
depict something very much like this kind of moment:
            an astonished throng looking skyward, say,
as a gigantic flock of winged toast blocks out
            the stars and the moon. And this is just the type
of thing you want to happen when nothing
            is fun anymore and you know you have
to make a change but you don’t know how
            and you can’t help thinking,
There’s got to be more to life than this.”

Here are some suggestions for each of the sun signs, for how to embrace the absurdly unexpected as a gift at this full moon eclipse:

Aries: You could have a revelation about a blind spot your own health or work habits that helps you see how you may work against yourself or an ideal you want to achieve despite your best intentions. Go ahead, untangle the knot.

Taurus: Your beliefs about the future or your friends could be in for an overhaul. Perhaps you see how it’s necessary to be more particular in the details of how you express yourself in order to find a more true balance.

Gemini: You may have an opportunity to discern emotional particulars that help alleviate a feeling of overwhelm or victimization regarding a public project you believe in. It’s not the way you usually see it; welcome the change.

Cancer: Facing or concentrating on communicating particulars that usually overwhelm you could shift your educational, literary or spiritual life. Suddenly you may see what you have been leaving out, and now know what to say.

Leo: You may shift a dream or ideal concerning a partner or a legacy back to what you can do to roll up your sleeves and change the situation yourself. Or you may want to give of your own service to help create a legacy for others.

Virgo: A partner who is usually more absent could suddenly be more present, and you adjust your routine accordingly. Or your own ideal of partnership shifts its emphasis to your own discernment of what you believe is best.

Libra: If you are compulsive in a belief that affects your health or your routine, you may experience an opportunity to sort this out. Maybe you get to offer your practical services to something you’ve believed in. Now is the time.

Scorpio: If you’ve been silent or withdrawn or overwhelmed about expressing yourself or  in caring for a child or lover, perhaps now is the time you find the exact words or gestures you need. A new approach is handed to you.

Sagittarius: If there is something you’ve been wanting to keep hidden or secret about your beliefs concerning health and family, now might be the time to go public. Use both history and active communication to make your case.

Capricorn: Your style of communicating things you believe in could reverse itself. Or you may be more procedural or shy than dogmatic or effusive. In any event you will not proceed blindly, but with caution and care.

Aquarius: A strict belief concerning values or finances could shift toward more flexibility. This could have to do with service or work you do on a larger scale. You understand the details are part of the whole.

Pisces: Acting from your beliefs could take a new twist. Or you may be more cautious about or critical of how your beliefs affect a partner. A partner could offer you analysis or insight you usually try to avoid. It’s time to listen.

When an eclipse occurs, we have the opportunity to embrace the gift of reversals. If we embrace what seems to come out of the black of night, and dare to take a nibble off that cinnamon toast falling from nowhere, we are well positioned, even in the dark, to shine our lights, shed some light, and keep it light!

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