StarGarden MoonWatch for the New Moon, August 12th, 2007

Hello Everyone,

I’m Maria Theresa Maggi, intuitive astrologer here on KRFP in Moscow, Idaho, and you’re listening to the StarGarden MoonWatch for the new moon of August 12, 2007.

The moon is new in Leo, the sign of the Lion. In Leo, the fifth sign of the zodiac, we find the essential vitality and heart of the life force itself. Symbolically, Leo aligns us with the energy of the sun, so a new moon in Leo joins forces with the sun from its archetypal home sign. Like the sun, Leos are born to shine, and so a Leo moon reflects the emotion of drama, play, romance and self-expression that is natural to the sun in that sign.  If Cancer, the moon’s own sign, is the seat of emotional instinct, Leo, the sign following it, asks that we manifest our emotional instinct in some creative way that expresses the regal splendor of who we are. This can literally be through our children, or the child still within us, our love affairs, or a dramatic or artistic pursuit. Leo likes to have fun, have the attention of others fixed on him or her, or to shower attention on others with a theatrical flair.

So this new moon is personal and emotional, but in a creative sense. And it is unique in that  the sun and moon in Leo are also joined by Mercury, Venus retrograde, and Saturn, also all in Leo. This new moon also makes an aspect to the planet Uranus in Pisces that may bring sudden revelations that change our beliefs or make us revisit or confront those of a group. Or perhaps we readjust the vitality and high energy of Leo to accommodate the suffering of someone who is addicted, ill or dying. We are likely to begin our emotional adventures this month by looking at what our reality principle has been, and find we want to communicate about how we can adjust our sense of fun to better match our sense of duty, both to ourselves and to those we feel responsible for, whether they be our lovers, children, or our friends. We may also create from what we have lost, or something that has been hidden, which now rises to the surface. Poet Sharon Olds gives us a reflective example of this in her poem “Cambridge Elegy” from The Gold Cell. She writes as the middle aged woman she now is, to her first love in college, who was killed during the spring of their freshman year in a fatal car accident. The following excerpts from the poem may inspire us to know that Leo can create beauty and pass on love of life with even the raw materials of crippling grief:

“I hardly know how to speak to you now,
you are so young now, closer to my daughter’s age
than mine—but I have been there and seen it, and must
tell you, as the seeing and hearing
spell the world into the deaf-mute’s hand. . .
. . .What can I tell you now,
now that I know so much, and you are a
freshman still, drinking a quart of orange juice and
playing three sets of tennis to cure a hangover, such an
ardent student of the grown-ups? I can tell you
we were right, our bodies were right, life was
really going to be that good, that
pleasurable in every cell. . . .I
remember your extraordinary act of courage in
loving me, something no one but the
blind and halt had done before. You were
fearless, you could drive after a sleepless night
just like a grown-up, and not be afraid, you could
fall asleep at the wheel easily and
never know it, each blond hair of your head—and they were
thickly laid—put out like a filament of light,
twenty years ago. The Charles still
slides by with that ease that made me bitter when I
wanted all things hard as your death was hard,
wanted all things broken and rigid as the
bricks in the sidewalk or your love for me
stopped cell by cell in your young body.
Ave—I went ahead and had the children,
the life of ease and faithfulness, the
palm and the breast, every millimeter of  delight in the body,
I took the road we stood on at the start together, I
took it all without you as if
in taking it after all I would most
honor you.”

Here are some suggestions for each of the sun signs for how to create from what has been lost or hidden at this new Leo moon:

Aries: Activities that are usually pure fun for you might take on greater import or seriousness. You may feel your responsibility keenly and need to slow down and communicate your feelings. Take the time.

Taurus: Your ties to your children, your home and its past may seem all encompassing right now. A future plan could shift. Or perhaps you experience serious feelings about women in your home surroundings.

Gemini: You may be in high gear to get big projects with partners off the ground. Yet it is also important to balance urgency with a comprehensive approach to  the requirements involved. Keep a window open for surprises.

Cancer: A surprise educational, publishing, travel or technical opportunity could shift your routine, and have you examining what is required to comprehensively address both your financial needs and personal values.

Leo:  You may be focused on creating a more comprehensive starting point for yourself or your children that furthers your education or art. Something comes down to you out of the blue that shifts how you address this.

Virgo: Issues of illness, confinement or seclusion could be prominent for you, or for  your child or  lover. Or perhaps technology or friendship plays a role in changing your beliefs about partnership. Let generous forces in.

Libra: You could be focused on responsibilities to a friend, lover or group that needs your energy and creativity to bring about a mutually desired future. This might involve switching up your own routine. It frees you, too.

Scorpio: You may feel a lot of public attention on your creative or childrearing efforts. Or perhaps you are beginning a new career or public project that is engaging but requires more presence than you’ve given it in the past.

Sagittarius:  You may be embarking on a big philosophical, spiritual or literary journey involving childhood history, your own or your family’s. Your ideal of home as a retreat could be undergoing upheaval during this process.

Capricorn: You may find yourself dealing with the legacy of a partner or a female relative. This starting point may involve speaking up when you are usually silent, or coming into your own expression of what is true.

Aquarius: A connection between a primary relationship, values and financial resources could be the emotional focus for you this month. Perhaps a surprise windfall helps bring a more generous outlook about future plans.

Pisces: Work concerning children or putting your heart into tackling health issues could be all encompassing for a while. It may require you take action by reversing a belief that keeps you from your desires.

Although the poet Robert Frost reminds us that  “nothing gold can stay.” the light of an open heart, no matter how long it takes us to get there, is the kind of gold Leo brings us that, once given, ultimately never fades or loses its value. As we begin this lunar cycle amidst an array of powerful Leo energy, let us ask that our hearts be opened in ways we have not yet imagined, so we can steal the show by being willing to we shine our light, shed some light, and keep it light!

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