StarGarden MoonWatch for the New Moon, August 5th, 2005

Hello Everyone,

I'm Maria Theresa Maggi, intuitive astrologer here in Moscow, Idaho, and you're listening to the StarGarden MoonWatch for the new moon of August 5, 2005.

The new moon in August occurs in the majestic sign of Leo, home to all our creative urges. Leo is symbolized by the kingly lion, who could not be king without a "pride" of other lions to follow him. In Leo, the fifth sign of the tropical zodiac, both the child and the king within us need to shine. Leo's companion planet is the sun itself, the star which gives our planet life. Leo invites us to come out and play by bringing us the will and the vital energy to manifest our desires. With Leo, the play IS the thing— we revel in the theater of putting who we are and what we want on center stage, in full spotlight. From the Leo perspective, the right to act out what we choose to create in the world is as natural, "divine," and inviolable as the right of kings or queens who claim to rule by the same mandate. The necessary audience required for such a flourishing performance makes it all the more fun. And no one likes to have fun more than Leo does.

In the physical body, Leo rules the heart, the real key to the kingdom, because it connects our life force and vitality with the need for a truthful emotional response to life. Leo's big shiny energy can operate on a spectrum between genuine majesty, which comes from a generous heart, or egotism, which derives from a fearful heart. Leo's need for approval can swing either way. Saturn's influence in Leo and Mercury retrograde backing up to join the new Leo moon may bring a wry, dead-pan or mock seriousness to Leo's fun, inviting us to use humor to remember the ways in which we, or some element of human society, are displaced, disenfranchised, out of sync, wounded, or plain left out. It also may bring out our ability to use humor or sarcasm to critique the tragic flaws of our political establishment that cause these problems. We may want to turn the tables on conventional shows of authority as Shakespeare's fool does by quipping to Ling Lear when asked how he dare call him a fool: "All the other titles thou hast given away. That thou wast born with." The Earl of Kent notices "this is not altogether fool, my lord," and he fool retorts: "No, faith, lords and great men will not let me. . . have all fool to myself; they'll be snatching." Since we are living at a time when presidents would be kings, we may find our zest for life renewed by seeing how the folly of pride (think Karl Rove) always comes before a fall.

Neptune in Aquarius opposes this new moon, bringing us experiences that prompt creative idealism for how to heal such prideful displacements, along with a desire to find new mixtures in friendship and romance, which become displays of that ideal as well. Stories of children ravaged by war or by illness who need our help or artistic vision or projects that sustain hope in the midst of the killing could return to the news at this moon as well.

Despite the urge to be sarcastic and wry about them, we may also be very aware that the issues, hopes and dreams emerging for display are quite serious, and require our responsible and solicitous attention if we are to find ways to heal them. This new moon we begin by backing up to re-examine how we are expressing our desires in the world, and if they are in line with the truth in our hearts. It may also be that we feel the surprising desire to dig in and help someone else's dream or longing be expressed or come to fruition, because in some meaningful way that can make our own hearts stronger, courageous, and more generous.

Here are some suggestions about how to reassemble our creative priorities at this new moon:

Aries: You could surprise yourself by returning to a friend, lover, group or child who needs your compassion. In turn, you need their wise and playful generosity.

Taurus: Your urge to protect or provide for your family or a creative project you're attached to is strong, so you review what's needed to secure a more ideal future.

Gemini: You may carefully review how you express yourself to children, siblings or neighbors. You want to balance freedom and understanding within limits

Cancer: You want to use cash to realize a dream involving land or resources for a child. Taking the time to set up a deal that everyone wants will free you up more.

Leo: The new moon in your sign may urge you to talk calmly but with passion about ideals others act on first and think about later. You could open a new public forum.

Virgo: A partner, group or friend could free you by understanding your desires from the past. This generosity could help you restructure a need for approval.

Libra: You may want to speak to a group about your ideals in a thoughtful yet dramatic way. You might teach or inspire youth by sharing your past experience.

Scorpio: You might have to rethink your views about being responsible to children or youth. A partner may stabilize this shift by helping you take it slowly.

Sagittarius: You may finally be ready to bring your heart or your art to a wider audience. You tell groups, friends or partners about ideas you couldn't express before.

Capricorn: You may be able to express old feelings about intimacy or family legacies that allow both you and the others involved more freedom to live from the heart.

Aquarius: You may want your partner to reconsider how he or she pays attention to either you or your child. You both may want to combine work, play and travel.

Pisces: You may be reorganizing willful feelings that keep you from being more generous in your approach to educational resources or less critical with a partner.

In Spiral Dance, Starhawk expresses the following ideal of the Sacred King in Faery Tradition, an ideal now tragically missing from modern political will: "The willingness to give over one's personal existence to serve the people was the true test of kingship, and this requirement lessened the attraction of power for corrupt and selfish individuals. Kingship was not originally an opportunity to make a killing in the bronze market or collect personal slaves; it was a ritual, mystical identification with the underlying forces of death and life." When we open our hearts to this fundamental Leo truth, we realize the responsibility of leading others or having others follow us on any level is not about pride but about unselfish sacrifice from the heart. We are here to co-create and honor the life force by sharing this power with and through the planet that gave us the power to begin with. Leo, who is both King and Fool, reminds us we all have the right to shine our lights, shed some light, and keep it light!

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