StarGarden MoonWatch for the Full Moon, July 29th, 2007

Hello Everyone,

I’m Maria Theresa Maggi, intuitive astrologer here on KRFP in Moscow, Idaho, and you’re listening to the StarGarden MoonWatch for the full moon of July 29, 2007.

The moon is full at the end of July in the sign of Aquarius, the water bearer. It’s counterintuitive, in a way, that Aquarius, an airy intellectual sign, would be called the water bearer. Since Aquarius is the peak of the lunar cycle which began in Cancer, perhaps this unlikely symbolic abstraction brings us a tip about what forms the endeavors we started at the new moon may take. Perhaps they will become abstractions of themselves, or, at the experiential level that Aquarius works on, we may experience a transfiguration of our original emotional starting point, which, also due to the nature of Aquarian energy and its relation to Cancer in the zodiac, cannot come about without some disruption or conscious adjustment. Aquarius embodies the principles of rebellion, and also the essential quality of our human condition. Often rebellion springs from the very desire to better that condition both for individual human beings and the collective of a whole people, state, or the entire human family. Uranus, the companion planet to Aquarius, positioned in the tropical zodiac in Pisces, could encourage the sudden and surprising revelations about what has been hidden until now. In the spirit of Aquarius, this full moon surprise is likely to be freeing in some way, although it may ask of our Cancerian energy that we loosen our hold on any emotional security blankets we may be clinging to so we can actually feel that freedom. With Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius in friendly combination to this full moon, these surprises may come to us through looking back on collective history through literature, media or education, and discovering how we are connected to those larger trends. In the Bioneer Radio Series, program number 0305, Tom Hayden gives an address about “Things Unseen, “ describing how the energy of social change, while pervasive and real, is often “invisible” until we are willing to see it. In the following excerpt from an address at the Bioneers Conference, he gives an interesting public example of this in regard to the protests against the Iraq War:

“There’s a thing that’s unseen. . . .We now have two interrelated movements that have risen. . .  One is of course, the global peace movement against the war in Iraq and against the emergence of an American ambition for empire.  That was unseen. For instance, last October, you will remember, this time last year, there were a hundred thousand people in the streets of Washington DC and both NPR and the New York Times, which I bet many of you rely on for information, for intelligence, reported that they weren’t there. The New York Times actually reported that no one came because they were afraid of the sniper and that the organizers were really upset that so few people had turned up.. . .Both the New York Times and NPR had to apologize the next week and recalculate and announce that 100,000 people had been there. How could they have not seen these unseen things?  I don’t know. By February though, there had been an adjustment and the New York Times went the other way and announced on the front page. . . they announced public opinion was the other super power. ..  And it was true.  If you look at the world in terms of things that aren’t seen. . . There were ten million people on the streets this February around the world.  There were two and half million in Rome. There were a million and a half in London. There were nine-hundred thousand in Spain. There were 50 or 75 in the McMurdough Station in Antarctica and so on.  It was an amazing turn out.”

Here are some suggestions for each of the sun signs for how to engage with the truth of things unseen at this full moon:

Aries: Your own ideas and feelings about the balance between friendship and romance could shift toward a different future. This move involves exploring past habits and being willing to look back to move forward.

Taurus: Friends or groups in your institutional or professional life could make you feel at home. This could also prompt feeling how you have bee left out, and embracing a more generous approach to new situations.

Gemini: You may be presented with an unconventional group approach to a legal or educational project which affects either a child you love or your own sense of creative expression. Let others in to bring you new gifts.

Cancer: You could be in for a surprising shift in how feelings about a partner’s resources affect your own. Perhaps reviewing the history of your own work habits with an eye to the bigger picture brings a generous outlook.

Leo: You may be considering expressing yourself creatively or romantically by reconsidering some travel or education or spiritual journey you are now reviewing. A partner could surprise you and help this shift.

Virgo: A sick child or the child within you could be a source of creativity or purpose that causes you to change or disrupt your routine to pay attention. This current disruption may connect you to past emotional knowledge.

Libra: You may be talking to children or pursuing a creative effort for a group or a partner using broadcasting or computer technology. Or you may have fun teaching others  about the history of grass roots creative efforts.

Scorpio: A female relative or a change in you about family could be in the spotlight or bring some kind of public recognition to you or a child you both know. It seems to come out of the blue, but it’s connected to long ago.

Sagittarius: You could be hooking up with unusual or unconventional women who want to help you create an new literary or educational project. Although it seems to happen all of a sudden, it’s something you’ve wanted all along.

Capricorn:  Your values concerning friends or groups are shifting, or you get a chance to make financial innovations in order to benefit your children. There is a generous spirit in you that now gets a chance to shine through.

Aquarius: You may take action to create an emotional alliance with a partner that helps him or her realize an educational or philosophical goal. It involves letting go of your usual worries, but doing so frees you up.

Pisces: A link between an eruption of emotional energy that has been unconscious helps you take innovative action, or begin a new project. Or perhaps a woman behind the scenes helps you realize a new creative routine.

The moon in Aquarius, while honoring the sweep of global movements, also reaches through those to incite us, through instinct, emotion, and habit to liberate our individual selves to experience what is most fundamental to the dignity of the human condition. In Hayden’s closing remarks he tells us: 

“It comes to standing firm and knowing who we are. It comes to the dignity of all things and the resistance of dignity to oblivion.  That’s the world we want, that’s the world the world wants. It can be delayed. It can be deformed. It can’t be denied.  Many people will suffer, many people will die unnecessarily and I know many tears will be shed.  But dignity will never die because dignity doesn’t have a price tag, it has intrinsic value.  It’s you.”  At this full moon, if we tune in to the voice within, or the voice of the people, we may have a chance to speak as one, and bring those things unseen into more clear view as we shine our lights, shed some light, and keep it light!

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