StarGarden MoonWatch for the New Moon, July 14th, 2007

Hello Everyone,

I’m Maria Theresa Maggi, intuitive astrologer here on KRFP in Moscow, Idaho, and you’re listening to the StarGarden MoonWatch for the new moon of July 14, 2007.

The moon is new in mid-July in Cancer, the sign of the crab. As the fourth sign, Cancer inhabits both the summer and the midnight angle of the zodiac’s wheel. This “bottom” angle describes both our cultural and familial roots, and a paradox which contains both the bright flambuoyance of summer and the mysterious magical hour of midnight. Cancer is like that: it’s both very public and very private, and you never know which side of this sign will show itself when. Cancer is also the moon’s home, so when we begin a lunar cycle in Cancer, we start out from home base in a very basic and literal way. Long before the zodiac was named, encoded and contemplated, reaching back into prehistory the woman’s and the earth’s feritility could be measured by the waxing and waning of the moon’s reflected light. It seems appropriate that as the first water sign of the zodiac, Cancer should preside over these elemental tides. In the most intimate circle Cancer and the moon cast, they bring us an affinity with mothering, nurturing, instinctual habit, feeling, memory, and the comfort of home and food. In the circle of society, Cancer and the moon bring us the habit of feeling out or “banking on” public mood or sentiment, whether it is the emotional energy that drives the stock or real estate market, or the latest fad or craze. In this circle of influence, Cancer and the moon also bring us public programs that feed or shelter the hungry or preserve our ties to the past. In its largest archetypal sense, the sign of Cancer and its companion light, the moon, cast the circle from which our human roots and our human ancestral line arises, reaching all the way back to mother earth, and moving through each woman, each mother who births a child and gives it a home at her breast, and brings it the first instinctual memory that the earth is both our mother and our home. In this very round and watery way, Cancer is the entrance to the circle of life. Native American poet Joy Harjo begins her book of poems, The Woman Who Fell From The Sky,” with a poem she calls “Reconciliation A Prayer,” written for the Audre Lourde Memorial, which is a beautiful invocation of how the ring of Cancer circles invite all who honor them to remember and heal. The third section of the poem is the single line

 “All acts of kindness are lights in the war for justice.”

The fourth, and last section, goes on to invoke the circle that will help us see this light:

“We gather up those strands broken from the web of life. They shiver with our love, as we call them the names of our relatives and carry them to our house made of the four directions and sing:

Of the south, where we feasted and were given new clothes.

Of the west, where we gave up the best of us to the stars as food for the battle.

Of the north, where we cried because we were forsaken by our dreams.

Of the east because returned to us is the spirit of all that we love.”

Here are some suggestions for each of the sun signs for how to begin by feeling our connection to the circle of life as we search for justice at this new moon:

Aries: You may be adjusting how to express deep feelings about  a woman, your home or family with an ideal or illusion that the future is brighter if you remain detached. You feel  seriously enough to try and bridge this gap.

Taurus: You may want to talk about investing your money in your home or for the benefit of a female relative. You may also be taken in by a hazy new structure for accomplishing this goal. Clarify how these two can fit together.

Gemini: You may feel emotional about work values or the money it takes to transform something you need. You want to hold on and you want to let go. Talking to others about a balance between realism and idealism can help.

Cancer:  You may start out this cycle with emotional reactions to a concentration of family and work in the same space. If you communicate your feelings, you may find these focused responsibilities also feel right.

Leo: The emotional or domestic needs of a relative who is sick or a partner could surprise you, and bring up strong feelings of your own. You may feel a welcome sense of duty, and want to take actions that protect and preserve.

Virgo: You may be adjusting your routine or your work may dissolve or be cleared in such a way that you can get together or make plans with family or female friends.  This may help ease serious feelings of confinement.

Libra: You may start by trying to juggle or adjust a balance between taking care of people at work and expressing the principle or ideal you aspire to. It can be tough, but it’s also an opportunity to hammer out realistic goals.

Scorpio: You may be involved in a big educational endeavor involving mothers and children. This could be far reaching, and require that you step forward and speak of hidden truth or fears. It is time to go public.

Sagittarius: You may need to care for a partner, or help guide a child or family member through legal channels. There may be some disruption at home as a result, but setting limits kindly can also bring a new freedom.

Capricorn: A partner or female family member may need you to set a standard for domestic balance. It may require speaking out about what is usually kept silent. The truth will actually protect and serve those you love.

Aquarius: You may feel emotional about your health or that of a female family member. Or you want to make your routine at home more nurturing. This includes responsibilities to a partner, both emotionally and financially.

Pisces: You may be expressing yourself emotionally through your  nurturing of a child, lover, or creative idea. Or perhaps you are nurturing a new and revolutionary stance you want to act on. Slow and steady wins the day.

If you would like to read or listen to a moving example of how the Cancer circles of life and the search for justice are intertwined, check out the July 2 podcast or transcript of Democracy Now. Amy Goodman interviews high school presidential scholar Mari Oye, a Japanese American teenager, who presented President Bush with a letter signed by 50 of the high school presidential scholars asking him to stop our government’s policy of torture. She tells about how her mother was also a presidential scholar during the Viet Nam War, and wanted to speak up in her meeting with the president, but, discouraged by her teachers, did not. Mari said she thought of her mother and  of what she herself could be comfortable with in forty years, and that she thinks she did the right thing. Afterwards, she called her mother to tell her what had happened, and her mother, who had been touring the Holocaust Museum, walked out of it with tears streaming down her face. Mari’s grandfather, a poet, had also been imprisoned in the internment camps of WWII, and wrote poetry while he was there. Each of us can find a similar courage from the deep waters within to bring both our personal and human family forward in the fight for justice if we  remember to shine our lights, shed some light, and keep it light!

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