StarGarden MoonWatch for the Full Moon, June 30th, 2007

Hello Everyone,

I’m Maria Theresa Maggi, intuitive astrologer here on KRFP in Moscow, Idaho, and you’re listening to the StarGarden MoonWatch for the full moon of June 30, 2007.

The moon is full at the very end of June in the sign of  Capricorn, the seagoat. Capricorn is the 10th sign, and occupies the midheaven or high noon angle of the tropical zodiac. It is a sign of initiation into how we relate to authority and the power structures of the world. All structures, whether they be corporate, communal, or crystalline, are the domain of Capricorn.  Part of our initiation into structure involves coming to terms with the reputation we make or break for ourselves out in the world at large, both with those in authority, and those we may have authority over. Our first relationship to such authoritive relationships is the one with our parents. Capricorn is the public angle of that authority, while Cancer, its opposite, and the moon’s natural “home,” represents the private or domestic side of it. Capricorn often reveals something to us about whichever parent is most influential in shaping our relationship to the structures of public life. When the moon is full in Capricorn, we are bound to feel the same kind of emotional restriction or discipline we exercise when entering an important meeting within an institutional framework, as opposed to the more comforting feeling of going home to kick off those heels or loosen that collar after the meeting is over.  At the beginning of this lunar cycle we began with the dexterity of alternation presented to us by Gemini. Now, as the moon is full in Capricorn, we are initiated into an emotional structure which in some sense forces us to choose where our responsibilities must lie.  Alternatives may narrow, and we may have to work with less variety, and more discipline.

We also may have to give up prestige or recognition if that recognition comes at the cost of living with something contradictory to the ethics of our private conscience. Often it is not comfortable or easy to face such discrepancies, yet this Capricorn moon may require it. Yet because we started out with the twinning principle of Gemini, with this sense of personal or public duty may also come a rare sense of peace or harmony as a result of facing whatever limits are before us.  In a June 5 interview on Democracy Now, John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, gives a very dramatic example of one of those moments when we realize our public and private identities must face a difficult reckoning.

“. . .all during the ten years that I was an economic hit man, from ’71 to ’81. . . it bothered my conscience. And yet, everybody was telling me I was doing the right thing. Like you said, presidents of countries, the president of the World Bank, Robert McNamara, patted me on the back. . . . I was asked to lecture at Harvard and many other places about what I was doing. And what I was doing was not illegal -- should be, but it isn’t.  . . And then, one day I was on vacation, sailing in the Virgin Islands. . . and I . . .climbed this mountain on St. John Island. . .up to this old sugar cane plantation in ruins. . .  it was beautiful. Bougainville. The sun was setting. I sat there and felt very peaceful. And then suddenly, I realized that this plantation had been built on the bones of thousands of slaves. And then I realized that the whole hemisphere had been built on the bones of millions of the slaves. And I got very angry and sad. And then, it suddenly struck me that I was continuing that same process and that I was a slaver. . .-- in a different way, more subtle way, but just as bad in terms of its outcome. And at that point, I made the decision I would never do it again. And I went back to Boston a couple of days later and quit.”

Here are some suggestions for each of the sun signs at this full moon for how to feel the stark peace of finding limits we can live with, both in public and at home:

Aries: You may organize funds or institutional requirements to care for a family member. Or perhaps you establish your public responsibilities in a organization. Either way you feel your duty is to nurture.

Taurus: You may travel or communicate with a female relative at a distance. There are limitations built into the situation, but the contact helps you establish more sure footing where you are. That’s important.

Gemini: You could be busy establishing security or permanence at home, while also feeling the limitations of a partnership. A child or sibling could need your guidance. Groups or friends provide a wide perspective.

Cancer: You are communicating about your serious feelings, while also feeling responsibility for what you say in a partnership. The exchanges are motivated by the desire for a secure future. Trust that balance.

Leo: You could have more responsibility at work, or assume responsibility or leadership in a creative project that could benefit someone older or more established. These are chances to manifest your potential.

Virgo: You may want to implement more structure or responsibility with a child, creative project, or romantic partner. The aim is for everyone to feel more secure, yet talking about it isn’t easy. Give it a try anyway.

Libra: You may be in a situation where you are providing nourishment in your career while feeling more constricted emotionally at home. Or perhaps you are working toward more stability for others. It’s worth it.

Scorpio: You may be looking for a structured, proscribed way to communicate feelings to or about a child or a lover. You also could be learning how to feel secure in a new educational environment. It takes time.

Sagittarius: You may feel it’s necessary to re-establish a routine or a basis for either financial or emotional security with a partner or at work. You may also look seriously at your own personal history to achieve this end.

Capricorn: A partner may want to talk about feelings, while you are more hesitant about how to get started. Let authenticity, rather than propriety, ground your starting place. You could receive a legacy that endures.

Aquarius: You may feel emotional about your health or routine or that of a family member, or unable to escape from the brooding or restriction this brings. The way out is to enjoy the responsibility that falls to you.

Pisces: You may be expressing emotions about a child, lover or creative project, while you also feel it’s important to have a structure for implementing and achieving goals. Each of these can help balance the other.

According to the calendar definition, this Capricorn moon is also a blue moon. In keeping with the Gemini beginnings of this new lunar cycle, there are at least four related meaning of this term. The most generalized yet fundamental one is the one I emphasize here: a rare and unlikely event. In folklore, a blue moon can include the rarity of the moon having a face and talking to whatever it casts its light on. As the reflected light of the sun, symbolically moonlight then gives us an unusual opportunity to examine what our ambitions in life look like in its shadowy blue light.. Perhaps we will hear a hidden truth we need to face from within as this Capricorn moon brings us the emotional discipline to find the most useful way to shine our lights, shed some light, and keep it light!

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