Star Garden Moon Watch for the Full Moon, June 21st, 2005

Hello Everyone—

I'm Maria Theresa Maggi, intuitive astrologer here in Moscow, Idaho, and you're listening to the StarGarden MoonWatch for the full moon of June 21, 2005.

The full moon this month not only opposes the sun at the peak of its own cycle, but also reflects the sun's light at the solar equivalent of the full moon. This is the time when the sun is at its highest and brightest in the northern hemishphere, and we experience the longest day of the year. The moon becomes full at the 0 degree mark of the sign of Capricorn, exactly opposing the sun at 0 degrees Cancer of the tropical zodiac, the exact moment of Summer Solstice, which happens to be 9:15 PM PDT. When the sun reaches the zero point of Capricorn each year around December 21, we experience the shortest day of the year and the longest night in the northern hemisphere. So this powerful Capricorn full moon echoes the twinning energy we began with at the Gemini new moon by consolidating the peak of the lunar cycle with the peak of the solar year. In the spirit of Capricorn economy and usefulness, these "twin" events are "merged" into one event containing the paradox of both polarities.

Capricorn, the tenth sign of the tropical zodiac, and its companion planet Saturn inform the highest point in a horoscope, the midheaven, or high noon. Capricorn brings into form the structures and systems of the world: crystalline structure, cellular structure, the bones that comprise the skeleton and our teeth— the order of matriarchal and then patriarchal societies, and even corporate structure. Capricorn gives us the experience of time passing, of growing to maturity, of assuming responsibility, and of learning the long, slow, and arduous path of mastering responsibility for our own authority in the world. Without the lessons of limitation and discipline that Capricorn and Saturn teach, we would not learn how to use these structures in order to advance a larger purpose, or to change a stagnant order. Capricorn energy that does not submit to the soul searching required to master self-accountability or responsibility for one's choices can become the overbearing specter of corporate dominance so pervasive at this time in our culture, which seeks to enslave and control, rather than empower, the individual.

We tell ourselves that time waits for no man; in the same vein, Capricorn can be ambitious, and concerned with success and failure, and the reputation we make for ourselves in the world. At this full moon we ask if that reputation is founded on mastering the sure footing it takes to climb the difficult path to personal integrity, or is it enslaved by what people think of us or our addiction to material success in the world? Lucifer knew, as he tempted Jesus, that if we sell our souls to the kingdoms of the world, we have no souls. Capricorn embodies both the devilish principle of being tempted by greed and power (think of that old-fashioned Capricorn example Richard Nixon), and the will and discipline to resist it and fight for a higher cause (think of Martin Luther King. Jr.).

In ancient times, the Winter Solstice marked the beginning of the year, because it signaled the tipping point between the darkness and the light. In post-modern times, we still begin our linear calendar year relatively close to this point, on January 1. Even before stone monuments or recorded pagan history, many paleontologists and archeologist (as well as Jungians and astrologers) would agree that the first calendars were lunar. They were made tens of thousands of years ago in such places as the caves of Stone Age Europe, by etching the passing of the phases of the moon on large animal bones. We are reminded that humans first apprehended time as a cycle, or a circle, not a straight line marching forward. In this cyclic reality principle, we are taken to a primal place of disciplined integration, and invited to live in communion with, rather than dominion over, this cyclic reality. This Capricorn moon reminds us that the moon itself is the first keeper of time on earth, and at this lunar peak, which is also a solar peak, we are to go deep and contemplate these ancient roots. Perhaps we are to ponder what the passage of time means not only for us as individuals, but for us as a species, and think very seriously about how we use the time we have, not to be masters of the earth, but to do our part to master the secret of living on earth in harmonious balance with the planet from which we have sprung.

Here are some suggestions for each of the sun signs about how to tap into the mystery of time as cycle at this full moon:

Aries: There may be a sudden revelation that what you want from the world may require dealing with buried feelings. Taking these seriously will help you reconcile conflicting needs and wants.

Taurus: You may begin to realize that taking responsibility for selfishness or insecurity in some immediate situation will help resolve or shift the balance in your health or how work gets done.

Gemini: You may feel a need to adjust a powerful relationship you also want to preserve. You might take steps toward a more independent way of living your truth with groups and friends.

Cancer: Responsibility for organizing things at home or work (or both) falls to you. You seek a balance of family and personal needs that will renew your spirit. It's okay to ask for time alone.

Leo: It's time for you to organize your responsibilities with less help from others. This shift is both exciting and challenging, so it’s important to make space to nurture yourself, and to feel.

Virgo: You may seek a structure for expressing serious feelings to friends or groups. Partners or friends may surprise you. It is time to adjust outdate beliefs about life that may hold you back.

Libra: You may be very attracted to or inspired by someone who acts on the same beliefs that you share. Taking the risk to express these feelings could open up a new truth or world to you.

Scorpio: There might be a family or work situation that is emotionally compelling you to drop everything and go the distance. Think carefully about what you know and understand to be true.

Sagittarius: You may find that you need to take corrective action regarding how you share resources or express values to others. You "see" an emotional truth you had missed before.

Capricorn: To have mutually nurturing relationships with family, partners or the public, you want to act responsibly in the big picture, you come from a place of independence and renewal.

Aquarius: It can be wise to start a discussion about touchy domestic issues, though you might not feel popular for doing so. If you start, allow enough time to hear each person's side of the story.

Pisces: Your starting point could be disrupted by forces larger than yourself. Yet you also have an opportunity to walk the talk of your spiritual truth in deeply felt ways, even if it is difficult.

The blue violet and indigo that will glow in the sky after the sun sets at the end of this longest day are the colors of Capricorn. The animal that symbolizes Capricorn is the goat, which is kept to give milk, and often confined within pasture. Although archeological records show the goat became one of the earliest domesticated animals around 9,000 years ago, goats still easily revert to their feral or wild condition. There is an untamed spirit in goat that suggests its more mysterious aspect, the image of the seagoat, which is one of the manifestations of Pan, the mythological goat-man and nature god. The music of Pan's pipes awakens our body's natural rhythms. (If you want a human example, think of famous Capricorn Elvis Presley.) Pan, which means "all," respects the laws of nature that rule all of life. Like Coyote at the new moon, Pan invites us to live naturally and to kick up our heels and laugh at the arbitrary or up-tight way we limit ourselves. When we don't honor the sensual playfulness of natural law, we allow others to "get our goat." Yet unlike Coyote, Pan requires that we own our desires—and the consequences of denying them or being enslaved by them. At this full moon solstice point, the Sun, Moon, Mars, and Jupiter line up in a grand cross in Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra, the signs that bring in the four seasons. The cross is also the shape of the Native American Medicine Wheel, which contains the four directions. This ancient alignment is also the symbol for earth, and it calls to do nothing less than birth a new purpose by reconnecting to the ancient rhythmic cycles of our planet. The Capricorn full moon requires that we master how to embody plans for renewal of the world we are creating, within our very cells. Terry Tempest Williams would say that such visceral reconnection to self is accomplished by making a commitment to "the wild within." Capricorn and Saturn reach us we must grow the soul in the body, that we may literally use those bodies to shine our lights, shed some light, and keep it light.

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