Star Garden Moon Watch for the Full Moon, May 23, 2005

Hello Everyone, I'm Maria Theresa Maggi, intuitive astrologer here in Moscow, Idaho and this is the Star Garden Moon Watch for the full moon on May 23, 2005.

The full moon of May is in Sagittarius, the sign of the happy go lucky itinerate philosopher. In Sagittarius, the ninth sign of the tropical zodiac, we travel physically, intellectually and philosophically to discover and explore a wider view of the world. We become seekers who wish to understand how we are connected to the rest of the cosmos, and what that connection might mean. Sagittarius invites us to expand our horizons by aiming those arrows far and wide, with absolute optimism that the new and better experience is right over the next ridge—or continent. Sagittarius asks the big questions and needs lots of elbow room to explore big answers. Although the archer loves to explore any system of metaphor or symbol as much as the twists and turns of country backroads, you can also find Sag chasing its arrows in all kinds of outdoor sports and activities, in the field of publishing, the stacks of the library, the call to a spiritual path, or anything having to do with international or cultural exchange.

With Sagittarius and its companion planet Jupiter "less is not more"—"more is more." Jupiter teaches us the principle of expansion, enlarging our perspective on life, and teaching us to cultivate gratitude for the gift of all our experiences, because through these we understand our connection to all that is, was, and might be. This energy brings us avid interest in history, the ability to laugh at life (and make others laugh at it, too)—or it can infuse us with a kind of missionary zeal to convince others to adopt the same system of truth we live by.

By the same token, Sagittarius has to watch out for excess of all kinds. The expression "I put my foot in my mouth" was made for Sagittarius, though he or she rarely recognizes that has happened. With the full moon in this sign at the apex of the creature comfort theme set in motion at the Taurus new moon, we might feel like speaking out or eating up or drinking down, with a toast to everyone and everything that brought us to the feast. Yet we have to be careful not to end up under the table with indigestion or a hangover. As long as we are mindful of these excesses, we might feel possibilities that are expansive and visionary and surprising, due to the moon's square to Uranus. These possibilities may compel us to speak our larger truth in groups or through the internet or the media or some educational or spiritual setting, even if that did not seem possible at the beginning of this cycle. We may find we share a history or a perspective with someone outside of our usual circle. We are called out of the familiar comfort zone we reveled in at the new moon to find the world has arrived at our doorstep with all its pain, injustice, and contradiction. While it may feel too close for comfort, at this time it would be more uncomfortable not to open the door and go out to meet it. This Sag moon gives us the opportunity to rewrite our history, and take our own hero's journey, giving us the ability to slip through old psychological road blocks and emerge into new territory if we trust the larger picture at work. Ultimately, Sagittarius "lunacy" exhorts us to connect Walt Whitman's lines "I am large. I contain multitudes," and Carl Sagan's famous popularization that there are "billions and billions" of stars and galaxies, because it understands that the all encompassing unity of these inner and outer worlds is indeed the larger truth. Think of old Jedi Master Ben Kenobi in Star Wars using the Force to calmly convince the Imperial guard that the droids right under his nose are not the one's he's looking for. Without his faith in the energy that surrounds, penetrates and holds the universe together, the adventure would have been over before it even started.

While we may indeed find ourselves faced with public or private situations that threaten or challenge our material security or the stability of our core values, at this full moon we can also explore generous emotional attitudes that give us the recipe for making lemonade out of all those lemons we may have been stuck with.

Here are some suggestions for each of the sun signs about how to set up the lemonade stand:

Aries: You might see that a sibling has a perspective on life that can help you look at family history or difficulty from a more optimistic yet powerful perspective.

Taurus: Your view of the future is altered by new friends or associates that give you a broader outlook on life, and help you rebalance a need to resist change.

Gemini: Make time for a bike ride, walk or talk with a partner. Shared enjoyment of what you used to do together makes current challenges less daunting.

Cancer: Getting to it every day is a real challenge, but you see how the pieces of a project or a dream dear to your heart fit together. Your faith keeps you going.

Leo: You are very focused on media projects with friends or associates. You are eager to more forward, yet also aware that you bring your past with you.

Virgo: You have the opportunity to understand that upsets with a partner may stem from old family secrets: trust your hunch that being open is the way to go.

Libra: Your routine or health may be upset, but your thinking on how to adapt is expansive and optimistic; children may need extra help adjusting to the changes.

Scorpio: Allowing for a variety of ways to change things improves solving practical problems at home: you may wonder why you didn't think of this before.

Sagittarius: The full moon in your sign calls you to talk about the past in a new way: it feels right to take a more direct approach to details even if it is unfamiliar.

Capricorn: You are willing to talk difficult things through in a friendly manner. You see the wisdom in letting it all come out to rebalance old misunderstandings.

Aquarius: You may enjoy talking to a female friend or teaching a child about how the past shapes the future. You can give unusual connections form in words.

Pisces: You are reinventing yourself by being less afraid you will be the only one if you speak out; you may want to express your feelings about big issues publicly.

The tarot archetype for the moon itself is the High Priestess. She represents feminine receptive consciousness, or the inner knowing of the heart. The full moon is a time of illumination and light, when that inner knowing shines outward to be shared. If we gained inner wisdom at the beginning of this cycle by tuning into the familiar beauties of our first mother, Earth, now is the time to impart our insights about how to commit to her stewardship in a spirit of inclusive cooperation rather than stubborn self-righteousness. The full moon always tilts us toward the beginning of the next cycle and we begin to let go. We can honor those who came before us or the life we're leaving behind while also honoring adventures that open our hearts and our minds are often forced on us by the loss of what's familiar. Let's invoke the "true blue" colors and the generous perspective of Sagittarius for the journey of release toward the next new moon, as we shine our lights, shed some light and keep it light.

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