StarGarden MoonWatch for the New Moon, May 16th, 2007

Hello Everyone,

I’m Maria Theresa Maggi, intuitive astrologer here on KRFP in Moscow, Idaho, and your’e listening to the the StarGarden MoonWatch for the new moon of May 16, 2007.

The moon is new in the middle of May in the sign of Taurus, the bull. Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, and the first earth sign. In Taurus, we find the foundation for life, whether it is the dirt, the literal foundation of our home, or the bedrock of savings or values we live by. Taurus, therefore, is practical and literally earthy, and like the soil it shares an affinity with, holds tightly that which it seeks to accumulate and grow. Just as soil forms the literal foundation for life, so Taurus draws to it whatever it is attracted to so that the sensual gifts of life may flourish and delight the senses.

 Perhaps we can better understand how Taurus holds onto that which it treasures, by looking at how the soil itself hosts creatures invisible to us that work to recycle all that passes through it to become sustenance. One such Taurean creature are the mycelium, the fungi living in the first two to four inches of soil,. Their “flowers” are the mushrooms we see above ground. Bioneer Paul Stamets writes in Nature’s Operating Instructions how scientists are learning that such parasitic fungi are not “blights on the forest,” but agents that “actually build soil, so the landscape can become a pedestal for greater ecological diversity.”  Taurus is an experiential sign, but the experiences it often brings us are  those of  maintaining comfort and conservation with the least amount of motion, as those of us who have tried to get a Taurus up out of his or her favorite easy chair can verify. While  some of the more active signs may be mystified as to how sitting still can actually be transformative, the following example of the miracle of oyster mushrooms employed to clean up diesel contaminated soil demonstrates what miracles can occur when you let Taurus energy alone for six weeks, covered by a tarp:

“As the tarps were lifted from the other companies’ modules, the odor of oil was overwhelming. Their piles remained starkly devoid of any life. When the tarp came off ours, the mound was literally blanketed with oyster mushrooms, some as big as twelve inches in diameter. Hundreds of pounds of oyster mushrooms ultimately arose from this diesel pile. Subsequent laboratory tests found virtually no toxic residue in either the soil or the mushrooms, the result of enzymes and acids that the fungi release that break down such molecular complexes. . . .But the exciting part of the story is what happened next. After the mushrooms matured, flies came in and laid eggs in them. . .birds flew in and other small mammals began to eat the mushrooms and the maggots. The birds and animals carried in seeds and plants started growing. The mushrooms initiated a process that led to . . . The  polluted pile of dirt [being] transformed into an ecosphere of life.”

Here are some suggestions for each of the sun signs for how to begin hosting a slow process of steady recovery by encouraging interconnectedness at this new moon:

Aries: It’s truly time to start over, since Mars, your  planet, begins a new cycle at the Aries point at this new moon. Jump on this opportunity to put values of interconnection into action, or to act on more solid, steady values.

Taurus: You may be starting over where your beliefs are concerned, particularly in terms of illness, addiction, or religious faith. You may feel a fighting spirit that sustains your actions through a tough but transformative legacy.

Gemini: You could be acting on new plans for the future, while also trying to hold something together that is dissolving. Your determination to keep what’s good in the old and the new brings strength to those around you.

Cancer: A new more independent direction in your career or a shared project helps solidify or manifest security for the future. It means transforming some deep habits, but you have the tenacity and charm to do it.

Leo: You may be looking to expand your creativity through further education or travel. Or you react to either moving in a new legal or philosophical direction with a public project or maintaining the status quo.

Virgo: Letting go of intensity in your immediate environment could allow for a grounded approach to travel or a more stable philosophical outlook on life’s journeys and passages. It can be the start of  dreams taking root.

Libra: A partner may assert independence that in the long run leads to more financial or sensual stability in the relationship. Or it could be you who wants to start over, and that means surrendering to a slow, practical approach.

Scorpio: If you break through into a new more proactive habit conserning health issues, it could have a stabilizing influence on a partnership you want to hang onto. Try to accept that tension is inherent in this new beginning.

Sagittarius: You are expanding actions you take to express yourself, and you may also experience increased communication with partners. Surprsingly, the newness can ground you or help you stabilize something fundamental.

Capricorn: You make feel like you’re starting all over from a deep place while also manifesting a more steady expression of your vital energy. It’s a reactive process, but there is help to nurture you through the rough spots.

Aquarius: If you take action on behalf of a group or a friend, you may also feel more emotionally grounded or secure at home. At first it may seem like the two don’t go together, but talking it through helps clarify.

Pisces: Your values concerning money, sexuality, or anger are restarting themselves. A calm and steady approach to communicating this in your immediate environment can help ease tension. Trust these adjustments.

The new moon is a time of invisible beginnings. In the next two weeks as we see the emergence of the invisible take form, it will depend on our initial emotional willingness to temper the power of large systems of thought with humble down to earth wisdom. Such adjustments allow us to begin to create a decentralized inclusive network, not unlike a mycelium matt that holds together soil as it cleans and nourishes it so trees, plants and animals can flourish. Although we like to think of ourselves as unique and superior, Paul Stamets tells us that humans share about 30 percent of our genes with fungi, giving us more in common with them than any other kingdom. He says “it’s certainly compelling that human neural structures, mushroom mycelia, and the internet all share  a. . . similar decentralized networked architecture, [that] there’s no point-specific central location on the internet or in a mycelial mass where you can fatally harm the entire organism.” Perhaps if we are willing to begin by accepting an unlikely commonality between us and whatever it is we may judge or feel resistant to, we will have an opportunity this lunar cycle to help build a miracle. Feeling our common ground gives us a shared foundation and renewed will to shine our lights, shed some light, and keep it light!

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