StarGarden MoonWatch for the New Moon, April 17th, 2007

Hello Everyone,

I'm Maria Theresa Maggi, intuitive astrologer here on KRFP in Moscow, Idaho, and you're listening to the StarGarden MoonWatch for the new moon of April 17, 2007.

The first new moon of the Spring season is in Aries, the ram. Aries is also the first sign of the tropical zodiac, and marks the beginning of the seasonal year in the northern hemisphere. In the circle of the zodiac Aries IS the beginning of the solar year, and of our desire to act. When we stir and awaken at dawn, we are responding to the energy of Aries within us. When the new moon joins the Aries sun, we also feel a fiery emotional pull to "spring into action." The companion planet to Aries is Mars, and its color is the red of most brand new perennial shoots before they stretch themselves into the green that will leaf and then flower. It is also the read of our blood when it hits the air, and you can often find Aries energy in clinical work where drawing blood is routine, or in soldiering, where soldiers are trained to protect the lifeblood of their communities and the literal blood of their bodies, while also risking the danger of shedding it. Beyond the problematic honor of the conventional battlefield, the fighting spirit of Aries often acts in solidarity with the struggles of the people. A famous example of such Aries energy is Cesar Chavez, who organized the United Farm Workers Union to successfully fight the oppression of low wages and dangerous pesticides with voting, strikes, boycotts, and fasting.

On a personal level, Aries likes to be first, to flirt, to compete, and in general stir things up, whether it be the conversation, the soup, or the hormonal balance of those he or she is attracted to. The spectrum of Aries energy runs from the instinctive impulse to be alive, expressed in the bloodiness of birth and the budding out of trees. to the innate wisdom of knowing where, when and how to acquire the skill to contain and direct that power to act when ready. Such wisdom arises from a sense of loyalty to family and community, and a close kinship with and keen observation of the natural world, of which the fire of Aries is a seamless and essential expression. The following excerpt from Maxine Hong Kingston's classic The Woman Warrior tells of a Chinese Swordswoman who derived her fighting wisdom from observing the crane. It is one of many stories that inspired Kingston to fight the battles with society and within herself that would shape her into the heroine of her own life:

"When we Chinese girls listened to the adults talk story, we learned that we failed if we grew up to be but wives and slaves. We would be heroines, swordswomen. Even if she had to rage across all China, a swordswoman got even with anybody who hurt her family. Perhaps women were once so dangerous that they had to have their feet bound. It was a woman who invented white crane boxing only two hundred years ago. She was already an expert pole fighter, daughter of a teacher trained in the Shao-lin temple, where there lived an order of fighting monks. She was combing her hair one morning when a white crane alighted outside her window. She teased it with her pole, which it pushed aside with a soft brush of its wing. Amazed, she dashed outside and tried to knock the crane off its perch. It snapped her pole in two. Recognizing the presence of a great power, she asked the spirit of the crane if it would teach her to fight. It answered with a cry that white crane boxers imitate today. Later the bird returned as an old man, and he guided her boxing for many years. Thus she gave the world a new martial art."

Here are some suggestions for each of the sun signs for how to begin the journey to find the best way to win the fight is to align our own natures with the truth of all nature:

Aries: It feels natural to act from a strong desire to live out a large or revolutionary life philosophy. Such actions could involve a long trip, or legal or educational shifts in which you revisit the past, and see it with new eyes.

Taurus: The inheritance or philosophy of a partner could give you a new outlook on the future. This legacy could both remind you of the past and give you the will to act within a mystery of new freedom and new limits.

Gemini: You could feel new personal energy for a group educational or legal project. You want to pioneer how others can navigate this map. Part of the challenge is making the unseen visible, but you are up to the task.

Cancer: You may be willing to restart a new directions in your career, which may have to do with revising a routine you've used to get a big project done. At this point, however, it could seem easy to change a cherished habit.

Leo: You may take a new more independent direction in your education or in travel plans. Spiritually, too, perhaps you want to be more daring. This means changing some of your habits, but you feel ready to try.

Virgo: A partner could surprise you by being more immediately present or at home in some transformative way. Or perhaps you feel confident to take the initiative to advance an emotional connection. Trust your instinct.

Libra: You may be entering a new partnership, or wanting to take new action in an existing one. This may involve deep conversations about hot topics, but you have lots of energy for this. Remember to take a wide view.

Scorpio: You might want to take specific actions in regard to health or routine that benefit you right now, yet you also see to succeed you need a responsible, comprehensive plan to coordinate finances and values.

Sagittarius: A new start with a child, lover, or creative project brings powerful and generous healing and transformation. You may enjoy structured dance, or physical activity, or simply being outdoors.

Capricorn: You may be active in implementing a new order in your home or emotional life. The interesting things about this is you are going by faith and feel rather than tradition or protocol. Let the momentum keep building.

Aquarius: You want to lead the way in conversations about the future or discussions with friends about philosophy or spirituality. Or maybe you'd rather act than talk. An ability to be versatile and kind helps smooth things out.

Pisces: You may be starting a new job or career venture that puts your personal values into action. you could also be more on your own where resources are concerned, but that frees you to acti creatively and courageously.

Aries rules the head in the physical body, and when the moon is in fiery Aries, we often begin out activities by rushing "headlong" into the heat of the moment. Our tempers may flare in the process. The tarot archetype for Aries is the emperor, and the first and most essential subject Aries must learn to rule is the self. Thankfully, Aries also brings us qualities that help us lead ourselves wisely, such as the confidence to weight and take chances, the willingness to recognize and trust our instincts without question, and the passion to pursue our vision. Aries can also bring us both the courage and the ability to execute those actions from the highest and most unselfish expression of ourselves. When the moon in Aries communicates with Jupiter and Pluto in Sagittarius as it is now doing, we also may find the emotional pull to act or be attracted has deep and far reaching consequences or benefits, and so it is important to remember how the actions we take now can either repeat or transform a powerful set of truths set in motion in the past. At this new moon, we may find it natural to begin again by looking back at the big picture of why we are where we are, which gives us greater courage to shine our lights, shed some light, and keep it light!.

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