Star Garden Moon Watch, April 8, 2005

Hello, Everyone—

This is Maria Theresa Maggi, intuitive astrologer here in Moscow, Idaho, and you're listening to the StarGarden MoonWatch.

The new moon on April 8 features the drama of a solar eclipse in Aries, the first fire sign. Usually the beginning of the lunar cycle is invisible— we don't see it in the sky. But when a solar eclipse occurs, the orbits of the earth and moon intersect in a manner that causes the moon to block rather than reflect the sun's light—if you are in the path of visibility, what is seen instead of the sun is the shadow of the moon. From an astrological perspective, this reversal is rich with metaphorical significance. An eclipse tends to reverse or upturn the archetypal energy of the sign it occurs in—like casting a shadow or turning over a rock. Aries energy is physical and active—like the buds on the trees exploding in blossoms, or the flair with which a skateboarder "busts out" a kick flip. Aries marks the birthing energy of Spring, the first season or phase of the sun's journey through the tropical zodiac. The active racket of the natural world waking up at dawn is the Ariean time of day. Aries, with itscompanion planet Mars, awakens the warrior in us and in so doing, quickens the desire to protect or destroy or claim something for ourselves or for the community. Like the ram that symbolizes this sign's energy, Aries gives us the drive to start, to be first, to win, to be sexual, to be angry, to break through to dynamic physicality and activity—in short to stir things up! At this solar eclipse, we are likely to feel this life force turn inward and run deep. It could also reorient or reverse a beginning point fundamental to our purpose as individuals, as partners, as community members, as a nation, or as a species. These wide ranging "ramifications" are suggested by the path and type of this eclipse. It begins southeast of New Zealand and stretches across the Pacific to Panama, Columbia and Venezuela. The portion of the eclipse that is total never crosses land. This could mean the element of water or the ocean itself may be prominent in transforming the usual fiery approach of Aries. It may also suggest we have not yet gone deep enough to internalize the truth that we are all one, and what one of us does affects all of the others. Mercury, still traveling retrograde in Aries, helps to emphasize we may not move forward until we have moved inward to experience the depth of our connection to a partner, a friend, a group, or all of life in some new way. As individuals, any overemphasis on assertive force or passive receptivity is primed for a shift. As a community, some civic project we wanted or didn't want to go forward may be halted or altered. As a nation, our war making or military practices may be hindered or take unexpected or less aggressive directions. More ominously, individual choice within government or military structures may be further restricted, or further truths about these restrictions may surface. Opposing parties on any front may be forced to regroup and retreat, or reconsider their plans to advance. How things end may be more important than how they began. As a species, evidence from or experiences with the ocean or findings in the fossil record (perhaps with emphasis on the human head, which Aires rules) may reposition how we act t to preserve the past or save the future of our planet. There's even potential for attention to refocus on the actual planet Mars, now traveling in Aquarius, and how it (or space technology in general) might affect life on earth.

Here are some possible ways this solar eclipse might reorient or reverse a beginning point fundamental to each of the sun signs:

Aries: The eclipse in your sign may find you accepting something difficult without putting up a fight. Aggression might literally make your head hurt.

Taurus: You might be willing to spend some time on things you've avoided that make a new direction in the future possible for you and your loved ones.

Gemini: A relationship with a group or a female associate that's been volatile could begin to stabilize and offer you a chance to regain a larger balance.

Cancer: You may rebalance independent directions at work with responsibilities at home. You may want to rethink quick fixes and consider larger dreams.

Leo: You might be compelled to go deep in a new partnership or project. This beginning may not be what you assume—don't rush the process of discovery.

Virgo: You may find a partner's resources or legacy shift your vision of a secure future. You can trust going with the change and letting others manage details.

Libra: You may find you are not as willing to jump into social contracts that initially appealed to you. You may want to review your approach or philosophy.

Scorpio: You may be used to plowing through daily tasks with your own needs in mind. At this time what helps the other guy is what's healthy for you.

Sagittarius: You may express yourself creatively and carefully regarding an old friend or legacy from the past. You want to discuss the future but not rush into it.

Capricorn: You may rebalance needs to be home with being on the go, or a connection from the past changes your starting point in a surprising way.

Aquarius: The force of someone else's ideals may be driving your actions and conversations at this time. Try to take some time alone or outside to rebalance.

Pisces: A group dream you've been involved in may need some renegotiating. It's important to address legal or philosophical structures or limitations together.

Those who have been up in the wilderness of the Rocky Mountains during rutting season say the sound of two rams butting heads makes a thunderous crack that can be heard for miles. Their heads are designed to absorb such violent clashes in order that the strongest may prevail to continue the bloodline. The begetting of a bloodline, and the giving or shedding of blood are directed by Aries. The shadow of this eclipse forces a much needed opportunity to reflect on the violence that arises from too fierce an attachment to being directed by such unexamined instinct and sefishness. Many of us have had the experience of "waking up" to the devastation of violence being done to us or the violence we are committing against others. If so, we know that to change requires a willingness to let go. Venus joins this eclipse to soften unexamined violence with the generous courage to extend a hand to those who want to heal, or to allow ourselves to be helped in that healing process.

In the Bioneers Radio Series, Aqeela Sherrills, who brokered a historic peace treaty between the Crips and the Bloods, wisely reminds us that "Peace is extremely dangerous work because it involves consistently coming back to the table to resolve differences." Perhaps this eclipse will remind us that the precision of the warrior can be applied to persistent negotiation. An eclipse cycle is more protracted than the regular lunar cycle, so we will be working with this challenge on all levels of social reality in three month increments for up to a year or more. As this cycle begins, let's find the strength to cultivate the instinct to listen, to extend a peaceful hand, to own our own anger, and to put our heads together, rather than butt them against one another. It's time to return to the table with the courage to be patient. Thanks to Portland musician Phil Gregory for background music. As the new moon casts its shadow, it's vital that we continue to shine our lights, shed some light, and keep it light!