StarGarden MoonWatch for the Full Moon, April 2nd, 2007

Hello Everyone,

I’m Maria Theresa Maggi, intuitive astrologer here on KRFP in Moscow, Idaho and you’re listening to the StarGarden MoonWatch for the full moon of April 2, 2007.

The full moon this month is in the sign of Libra, the scales. In Libra, we balance opposites, the most essential of these being the tension and the attraction that exists between the self and the other. Libra helps us weigh the consequences of our actions through the mirror of how others respond or react to them. At the solar eclipse  in Pisces that began this lunar cycle just two days before the new beginning of Spring Equinox, we shifted the rock on which our beliefs and fantasies rested. Now the Libra full moon invites us to make conscious adjustments that help us seek new balance with our partners and the social environment we live in. Libra thrives  on deliberating, debating, wit and even argument by bouncing off of others those ideas or visions we try on for size in an effort to find the larger harmony in any social situation. The magic of Libra occurs when the artful turns of social interaction and confrontation allow us new opportunities for awareness, not only of our need for others, but of the way we define our own realities. To grow the garden of our relationships this Spring, we may need to rearrange the comfort zone we usually relate from, or the way we may expect our relationships to offer either  escape from or explanation of things we’d rather not face.

Libra’s companion planet, Venus, symbolized by the tarot archetype of the Empress, is now traveling in Taurus. Charming Libra and sensual Venus never let us forget the profound and playful connection between art and life. The Venusian desire for intimacy and beauty and the Libran quest for equivalence often find what they both seek in the metaphors and images of either the written page, the film screen, or the art gallery. In the final scene of the film Shakespeare in Love, the imagined blurring between young Shakespeare’s personal and artistic life is recapped as he must say good-bye to Lady Viola, now married away to Lord Wessex. In a tour de force of artful Shakespearean wit about the interplay between appearance and reality that would have possibly made even the real Shakespeare dizzy with its sleight of hand, his fictional lover Viola, originally disguised as a male actor and chosen to play Romeo, has now filled in as Juliet in Romeo and Juliet.  So she is  a woman posing as a boy who plays a woman, since Elizabethan England forbids women to act on the stage. Throughout the film, screenwriters Tom Stoppard and Marc Norman also play on the theory of Shakespeare as artistic thief and hack, someone who gets all his best lines and ideas from others. The following banter from their good-bye scene is a delightful example of how the Libra moon helps us find balance that broadens the scale of our own emotional expectations. When young Shakespeare tells her melodramatically, “I’m done with theater. The play house is for dreamers. Look what the dream brought us,” she answers him frankly, “It was we ourselves did that. And for my life to come, I would not have it otherwise.” Viola also tells him the queen has commanded a comedy from him for Twelfth Night, and he quips morosely, “a comedy? What would my hero be? The saddest wretch in all the kingdom, sick with love?” Viola answers his self-pity at their situation with the pithy comeback that “It’s a beginning,” and smiles at him through her own tears. As she bravely continues to turn his dejection back at him as possible ideas for this new play, his imagination starts to take hold, and although how it ends well is as yet “a mystery,” he agrees to her witty and heartfelt entreaty to “write her” in this way. Though they cannot live happily ever after as themselves, this scene dissolves to the end of the film where Shakespeare has taken the quill in hand to write his memory of her into the incomparable character of Viola in the actual play Twelfth Night, the next play written after Romeo and Juliet.

Here are some suggestions for each of the sun signs for how to weigh the mystery of how things will come out alright in the larger balance of our relationships at this full moon:

Aries: You may seek a greater balance in your role within a group or with a friend. Or your plans for the future require a shift. You might feel torn. You may want to act on an unpopular idea and have to convince others it’s the way to go.

Taurus: You may appear agreeable and charming in the first impression you give, but actually you are working hard to achieve this effect. It may help to admit openly that something has changed, instead of acting from a hidden agenda.

Gemini: You may want to blaze a new more active trail in your love life or in a creative endeavor. You may have to leave your comfort zone, but if you are willing you can expand your horizons by traveling, both literally and emotionally.

Cancer: A new direction or action in your career could mean rebalancing your emotional habit at home or with family. Or perhaps a woman encourages you from behind the scenes to expand your work in an educational, legal or literary setting.

Leo: You may be working on a collaborative public or educational project. You may have to balance your tendency to act on your creative philosophy or vision with how to fit into the collaborative energy of those you are creating with.

Virgo: You might be working to harmonize your values or taste with a sudden change or disruption in a partnership. Or you may change your own mind out of the blue about technical aspects of a creative project. It’s okay to speak up.

Libra: You may start out wanting to argue or emote about your own relationship interests. Yet in the process you discover a wider view that encourages you to change course. You see how a more generous outlook can create a win/win situation.

Scorpio: A relationship with a lover or a child which you thought of as ideal or took for granted may undergo a sudden change. Or it simply may be necessary to become more aware of your own dependency, and more steadfast in your commitments.

Sagittarius: You must now balance a tendency to initiate more than you can handle with a deep need to go at a slower pace. You may have to withdraw from some activities for a while, but you also receive surprising support that this is the right move.

Capricorn: A partner or a woman could lend more public or structured support to help with limitations you experience to getting something up and running. This also frees you up to feel more independent emotionally or at home.

Aquarius: A visit from or philosophy of a female relative or partner could have you re examining your own imperative to be on the go or in charge. You see how shifting this imperative allows you to be more responsible to those you love.

Pisces: You may feel both fried and energized about moving in a more independent direction financially or where a child or creative project is concerned. Remember to give your trust in a partner’s support of you a chance to take root.

The characters in Shakespeare in Love both cling to and joke about their insistence that all will turn out well, although the particulars of how that is going to happen remain an illusive mystery. Such meta-statements about both the play within the play and the lives they are living show us the equivalence between art and life, and the clever paradoxical way in which art and life often mirror each other while also being substantially different experiences. Whether we are living the mystery of the art of balance in our relationships, or whether we are crafting that mystery into art, the release of the full moon reminds us it’s best to relate to such mysteries with open hands, minds, and hearts. While,this isn’t always easy to do, its easier than we might think. If we let the rhythmic current of life carry us along, and trust that those who interact with us are also carried in the current. Even in the most outrageous outward circumstances, the larger balance of that dynamic is enough to fill us with a playful humor and delight that spontaneously allows us  to shine our light, shed some light, and keep it light!.

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