StarGarden MoonWatch -- March 25

Full Moon in Libra

A Happy Spring Equinox to Everyone!

I'm Maria Theresa Maggi, intuitive astrologer here in Moscow, Idaho, and you're listening to the Star Garden Moon Watch.

Just days after the balance point between winter and summer, the full moon this month falls on March 25 in the sign of Libra. In Libra, the second air sign of the tropical zodiac, we seek a social balance through the intellectual process of deliberation and consensus. It is not automatically given, which is why we find so many Librans who only learn their own mind through the exchange of conversation or argument, while others lounge languidly on one end of the scales that represent their sign and refuse to move. To the Libran sensibility, being contrary is simply an effort to correct a larger imbalance felt in the social or artistic order. To this end, a Libran's verbal and strategic focus can be tireless. The rich turning point of the fall equinox belongs to Libra, as does the beauty and drama of the sunset. Sunset is literally the Libran time of day; when everyone else is ready to quit, Libra energy gets a second wind. As night descends, the Libran in us leaves the concerns of work and seeks the pleasurable exchange of more intimate relationships.

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac, which in traditional astrology is referred to as the house of marriage. But with a wry irony natural to Libra, it is also the house of open enemies!! (Those of us who are married or in any close partnership know how fine this line can be at times!!) Ruled by Venus and opposing the home of Mars in Aries, it invites that notion that it takes two to tango (or two to tangle, as the case may be). All contract partnerships are guided by Libran energy. Virgo makes it his or her job to connect the dots that create the line allowing for continuation of the social order through work. Libra compels us to social commitment or pleasure by either agreeing or refusing to sign our name on that line, or by writing someone off, in or out of a deal. A wedding, concert, courtroom, town square or art opening are Libran meeting places, where people come together to celebrate harmony or beauty or rebalance a wrong by seeing justice done. In the physical body, Libra rules the kidneys, echoing the truth that although we can function with one, it's better to have two, because one can spot the other in case of illness or overload.

The moon rules public feeling and mood, so as the full moon pulls life's energy up toward the sunlight it reflects and sends it back down to earth, we will all be feeling the need for the Libran balance of give and take. With Venus opposing the full moon from Aries, we may be in the mood to speak our minds and have people see it our way, and though our opinions may be spirited, we may also be willing to exercise Libran charm and diplomacy. This full moon's energy also requires conscious adjustments be made to the dreamy Pisces beginning of the lunar cycle. We will be talking about ways to rebalance the dream through initiative and action so it can take form in social reality. We may need to slow down to avoid verbal or literal collisions. We may find ourselves allied with people we never thought of as allies before. Jupiter still travels retrograde in Libra, so it might be a time when everyone wants to (re) tell a long story, reread or revise writing or laws, revive a lawsuit, or make a return trip. Yet we can call on those receptive Pisces beginnings nurtured in the last two weeks to remind us that listening is the "other half" of storytelling—without listening, a story cannot come to "life." Even if we have heard it before, in the next two weeks we may notice something we missed the first time that changes our orientation to the whole issue or relationship.

Here are some suggestions about how this Libra moon might reflect its persuasive charm in each of the sun signs:

Aries: People are drawn to your assertive charm this full moon and you can make a convincing argument for including the underdog or the iconoclast.

Taurus: A sudden turn in at work or in the media might shift responsibility back to you in matters you would rather set aside.

Gemini: You may find yourself hoping resources are adequate to empower women or youth who have not had a voice before in an artistic or social project.

Cancer: You may be striking out on your own in a new or more independent direction that also involves beautifying or working from the comforts of home.

Leo: You may have to renegotiate exploring new territory with a partner or friend who needs to understand the freedom you are suggesting goes both ways.

Virgo: A gift or knowledge from the past could benefit your future through connections with women and serve to alter public view in a positive way.

Libra: The moon in your sign makes you more emotional than usual; you're willing to be in the public eye for a purpose that is close to your heart.

Scorpio: a surprising revelation about your family history or the past could encourage you to start a health or work routine of your own choosing.

Sagittarius: You may enjoy acting independently on creative impulses or benefit from inspiring reunions with friends you haven't seen for a long time.

Capricorn: Resources or values shift in a way that may bring pleasing results in public or more independence at home. People respond to your direct approach.

Aquarius: Starting from a place of identifying with the underdog, you can use words and actions to good effect, if you are patient and not impulsive.

Pisces: Asserting yourself kindly and firmly pays off in relationships. It's especially important to let people at home know how they affect you.

Medical doctor and poet William Carlos Williams wrote this famous poem about the playful generosity of give and take in the form of a note to his wife:

This Is Just To Say

I have eaten
the plums
that were in
the icebox

and which
you were probably
for breakfast

Forgive me
they were delicious
so sweet
and so cold

In the next two weeks, let's honor the inspired balance of give and take, and those experiences that make life more beautiful for us—like the rich Libran color of the plums in the poem. Thanks to Moscow musician Lou Winter for background music. I’ll leave you with a few lines from Cat Stevens and the film Harold and Maude to remind us when we follow our hearts we are sure to shine our lights, shed some light, and keep it light!

("Well if you want to say yes, say yes, and if you want to say no, say no, 'cause there's a million ways to go, You know that there are.

And if you want to be me, be me, and if you want to be you, be you,'Cause there's a million things to do, You know that there are, You know that there are…")