StarGarden MoonWatch for the New Moon, March 18th, 2007

Hello Everyone,

I’m Maria Theresa Maggi, intuitive astrologer here on KRFP in Moscow, Idaho, and you’re listening to the StarGarden MoonWatch for the new moon of March 18, 2007.

This lunar cycle begins with a solar eclipse in Pisces, the sign of the two fish. In Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, we often encounter that which we hide from in ourselves, and others. The Piscean fish who dares to swim upstream faces his or her identification with the victim, the downtrodden, the disabled, the addicted, the silenced, the religious fanatic or disciple, the old who have been exiled or dismissed, the terminally ill, and the imprisoned in a spirit of compassion that heals. Pisces knows that without these reclaimed states of the human condition, which are also parts of ourselves, we cannot find the unity and wisdom of spirit which restores our world to a healthy state of wholeness and kinship. In its usual expression, Pisces often brings us such revelations through altered states of consciousness beyond reason: dream, ecstasy, hallucination, creative immersion, meditation, or even the simplicity of silence. When we experience the symbolism of Pisces in an eclipse, the tables can be turned in such a way that we find words for the wordless, or we experience a more conscious acceptance of “nothingness,” which readies us to rearrange our sense of reality and begin anew. Pisces astrological opposite is Virgo, and  this axis often describes the relationship between the teacher who mentors and the student who learns, or the guru who brings enlightenment and  the devotee who seeks it. When the tables are turned at an eclipse, our identities in either one of these roles spin on their own axis and we may switch roles, or find ourselves living the paradox that the learning or enlightenment we have preached or sought sends us right back to the practice of humbling ourselves to follow those steps within ourselves. Or maybe we find our own beliefs limit us, and so we must let them go. This new moon eclipse and its connection to Pluto has us reaching back into our own cultural history and its stories to find a wider truth. In Alice Walker’s novel, The Temple of My Familiar, Suwelo, a history teacher whose personal life is in disarray, inherits an uncle’s house in Baltimore, and, thinking he will only be there for a week to put it on the market, is surprised to find comfort in the old house and the wisdom of his uncle’s remaining friends, who at first glance seem merely frail, distant and mysterious to him,, but who actually are wise beyond what he can yet imagine, which begins to change in the moment described below:

    “He thought of the old women leaning on each other, or turning to wave as they got into their automobile. He loved having then cook for him, and was really quite astonished that they did, but he thought they were too old to be driving a car.
    “She wasn’t always old,” said Mr. Hal. “None of us was.”
     Suwelo realized with a start that in his real life, the life in California away from his uncle’s cozy Baltimore row house, he was never around old people. He didn’t know that one of the skills they acquired with age was the ability to read minds. For as he sat there, embarrassed, he knew Mr. Hal was reading him. Easily, casually, as he himself might read a book.”

Here are some suggestions for each of the sun signs for how to read the book of life [anew] as it is handed to us at this new moon solar eclipse:

Aries: Something you may have hidden in your legal or educational past comes out. Or you change your view of someone who is ill or in need. Maybe it’s your own addictions or beliefs that are transformed now.

Taurus: An ideal vision you may have of a friend, a group or your own future could reverse itself. Taking more emotional responsibility could actually lighten your heart and change the way you work out in public.

Gemini: The career you’ve been dreaming of could start to take shape, or unrealistic hopes might dissolve on their own. If you tend to avoid developing practical uses for a public project, you may change your approach.

Cancer: Publishing, history or education could have you unearthing hidden suffering from the past. How you understand  and accept these revelations can actually pave the way for a more stable future. Stay open to it.

Leo: An inheritance or family legacy may surface or change your view of your past. Or your intimate relationship could be showing you something you avoid. You may see how your dreams or beliefs affect how you feel.

Virgo:  A partner who is usually absent in some way could reverse this, and suddenly be around and involved. Or a part of you that feels something is missing in  the relationship may find a new freedom from that belief.

Libra: A missing piece of the puzzle in your work  could now reveal itself. Or something about your health may finally dawn on you.  Your routine as you know it in either area may dissolve, but that opens up new space.

Scorpio: An ideal view of a relationship or a child is under revision. Or perhaps you become more conscious of your way of expressing yourself  toward a child or  a lover. If you weren’ t paying attention, you are now.

Sagittarius: A confinement at home or that of a family member may now be over. This release, which may also feel like a lack of refuge, changes your own starting point. The universal quality of  it helps you through.

Capricorn: You may be talking about things you don’t usually talk about. Your dreams, beliefs, or an illness could reveal deep truths. If you trust this process rather than try to avoid it, even your limits can free you.

Aquarius: Your usual subjective attitude toward finances could take a big shift. Suddenly you may want to be objective about costs having to do with education or travel in your future by either saving up or investing.

Pisces: If you thought it’s better to play it close to the vest in public activities that reveal your spiritual or political beliefs, now you may not be so cautious. Perhaps you want to be counted among those who care.

While Pisces leads us to the wide spiritual reaches beyond time, Virgo teaches us the temporal steps we must take to walk those paths. At this Pisces eclipse, we might experience a moment in which we see how that sense of eternity has eluded us through our own limited perception of those states of being, or because we have been blind to which steps we need to take to open ourselves to them.

Just as the notion of reading minds as if they were books may seem fantastical to some of us, a Pisces solar eclipse is a time when such fantastic notions actually have the potential to manifest themselves in everyday reality. Likewise, those beliefs or experiences we thought of as real may slip away from us as they reveal themselves to be illusory or insubstantial. In the metaphor of astrology, w hen the moon overshadows the sun,  what remains essential is a chance to revisit our habitual emotions and beliefs about our creative energy, or life purpose. Such reversals help us illuminate the places we have kept dark, and can resurrect our will to shine our lights, shed some light, and keep it light!

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