StarGarden MoonWatch for the Full Moon, March 3rd, 2007

Hello Everyone,

I’m Maria Theresa Maggi, intuitive astrologer on KRFP in Moscow, Idaho, and you’re listening to the StarGarden MoonWatch for the full moon of March 3, 2007.

The full moon in March is actually a total lunar eclipse in the sign of Virgo. As the sixth sign of the tropical zodiac, Virgo prepares us for life in the larger framework of social deliberation, consensus and partnership that the next sign, Libra, represents. In Virgo we inhabit the health and work routines that underlie our ability to relate to others. Virgo is very concerned with method, with the ordering of tasks for efficiency and with making sure everything that needs to get done, gets done. This innate sense of what needs to be done can also contribute to the kind of worry or perfectionism that actually makes us sick instead of well. When the moon is eclipsed in any sign, the symbolism of that sign shows us a reversed or mirror aspect of itself that we wouldn’t ordinarily notice, so we can integrate everything that archetype offers to us on the path of becoming whole human beings. When the public and private resonance of the full moon is eclipsed in Virgo, we are asked to expand the highest mental function of Virgo, discernment, by applying it in ways that break us out of the routines we are used to, rather than focusing on what keeps us safe and manageable within them. At the new moon two weeks ago, Aquarius called us to stand up and speak out for truth that serves all of humanity. At the peak of this cycle we are now asked to discern ways to do that outside of our usual routines, and invited to innovate creatively with technology or grass roots groups to do so. I came across a wonderful example of this while listening to the radio show Sunday Salon: a performance piece of Iraq war veteran Aaron Hughes, now using his art to make statements against war and for peace. He originally created this as assignment #34 from the very original web site One of the issues surrounding the war for Hughes is how the “routine” treatment of returning veterans does not allow for them to speak the truth about how they have been affected or changed, since most often they are treated as returning heroes, no matter how they feel about what they have participated in, or how wrong they discovered it to be. On his web site,, you can watch or share this performance piece with a friend. It dramatizes how the superficial public treatment of returning soldiers as heroes or villains ignores the reality of how isolated many of them actually feel. Here is his description of the project:

“This was performed at the intersection of Wright and Green Streets in Champaign, Illinois against the war in Iraq and for Peace. It is an attempt to claim a strategic space in order to challenge the everyday and its constant motion for a moment of thought, meditation, and PEACE.”

Hughes blocks off part of the routine workday traffic at this intersection with signs that read: “I am an Iraq War Veteran. I am guilty. I am alone. I am drawing for peace.” He then proceeds to make a huge chalk drawing of a bird sitting on barbed wire, which we don’t see until the end, as the traffic and pedestrian passers by whir and whiz around him, some barely craning their necks, cars honk at him, and finally, a policeman comes to yell him out of the intersection, as if he were a lunatic.

Here are some suggestions for each of the sun signs for how to take up creative tasks which enhance our common humanity, and how to break out of routine tasks that insulate us from doing so at this lunar eclipse:

Aries: Surprise group innovations or technical disruptions may reveal a way around a block to your usual way of getting something done. A friend or child who is sick or confined could give insight outside the box.

Taurus: Worry about children or disruption in your usual ways of entertaining yourself could bring a sudden shift in your belief about what the future holds. This rearrangement is liberating if you are open to change.

Gemini: A project at home or with family may be off schedule, but there could be a public counterbalance that shifts the flow of resources. Maybe groups or technology help organize or change your vision of career.

Cancer: You usual routine of arrangements and errands could be upended. While you don’t like the unpredictability, if you pay attention you’ll notice help or surprising news could come from far afield. Try to think big.

Leo: Financial expectations may not add up in the way you expected. Yet there could also be a hidden source of wealth from a group or a friend. You can learn to trust things will work out even when you aren’t in control.

Virgo: If you are responsible for keeping routine details up and running in any partnership, you may surprise others by opting out. Or the starting point with others or your own health involves a reversal of the usual.

Libra: Whatever you’ve been sweeping into the corner or putting off may refuse to be hidden at this time. It could be a health issue, or something about how you get along with co-workers. It’s now time to change things.

Scorpio: The steps to achieving a plan for the future or working with a group or children may change. This change is actually coming from your heart, but it is so unusual it may surprise everyone, including you.

Sagittarius: A twin process of expansion and transformation gets leverage this month when something unusual occurs in your career or public life. Reversals at home or family reinforce this. You’re not the victim anymore.

Capricorn: A philosophical view of health or routine as overwhelming or all up to you may reverse itself. Friends, groups or technology may be allies that help relieve a sense of confinement. Your own values can free you.

Aquarius: A partner may gain confidence or power in ways beyond the usual. Or if you tend to blank out or worry where money is concerned, either tendency could shift. Rethink your own ways of seeking power.

Pisces: If you tend to go along to get along, this tendency could shift. The usual way of balancing with a partner is not working. You have a chance to open to new beliefs that free each person involved to be more real.

One of the building blocks of Virgo routine is repetition. In describing another art project on his web site, Dust Memories, Hughes writes that it “is conceived as a repeating cycle, which is a metaphor for my continually repeating thoughts of the experience, as well as representing the reality that this journey is still being carried out today by soldiers in Iraq.” Often repetition dulls or lulls us into the rhythm of our labor. But at this lunar eclipse, we may be asked to discern what pain or alienation is behind the repetitive or compulsive routine tasks of our culture, and how the individuals returning from service now suffer the repetitious cycle of post traumatic stress disorder as a result of the inhuman treatment and policies they were indoctrinated to enforce and those which they receive on their return. All of us caught in a mechanistic “have to” mode are both victims and perpetrators of this dehumanization. This eclipse gives us the opportunity wake up in that darkness and feel our way toward a new practice that liberates us to be compassionate toward those who suffer, including ourselves. Virgo is the hermit, or light bearer, and at this time it is up to each of us to strike the match and lift the lamp within so we can shine our lights, shed some light, and keep it light.

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