StarGarden MoonWatch for the Full Moon, February 27th, 2006

Hello Everyone,

I’m Maria Theresa Maggi, intuitive astrologer on KRFP in Moscow, Idaho and you’re listening to the StarGarden MoonWatch for the new moon of February 27, 2006.

At the end of February we begin a new lunar month in Pisces, the twelfth and last sign, representing the culmination of the journey through the zodiac, and containing the essence of all the signs that come before it.  As the last sign, Pisces shares an affinity with those experiences and settings that remove us from everyday existence. “Doing time” in places like hospitals, retreat centers, and prison cells are Piscean experiences because they provoke an isolation from the work-a-day world that brings us face to face with the crumbling border between absolutes.  Meditation, listening to or playing music that moves us, or the use of drugs or alcohol are also Piscean experiences that blur the borders between where we end and the experience begins.  Pisces is also the domain of the dream world, and of the collective and personal unconscious. It has an affinity with substances like film, oil and natural gas, all of which create illusions of limitless power and invincibility. Perhaps this is why Pisces is the sign of the two fish: one floating downstream with the flow of the current, and the other swimming upstream against all odds, in search of renewal and rebirth.

When we begin a lunar cycle in Pisces, we find ourselves in the paradox of starting at the end of things. The contradiction inherent in these coordinates is made even more surprising by the presence of the planet Uranus at exactly the same degree of the zodiac as this new moon. The true beginning of any cycle is invisible, and Uranus accentuates experiences which seem to come out of nowhere, but which rearrange everything. So this moon may bring us innovative revelations from the women in our lives, or bring a disruptive electrical or technological choice that awakens us from our collective or individual “sleep.”  While Pisces tends to idealize the past, Uranus pulls us into the newness of the future. So if we have been nursing a dream of how things should have been, or suffering from a desire to escape into an ideal past, Uranus may either help us change our view of that, or bring us into a new, revolutionized version of the dream in some immediate way. Instead, we can awaken to new possibilities in our own humanity, with our friends, and in all grass roots groups or efforts.  We may find that while some long cherished beliefs about our future or our past are unraveling, that new ways of achieving the same things are suddenly on deck. Rather than feeling either totally undifferentiated or totally isolated in the more usual Piscean way, we can stand as ourselves with others who share our vision. At this new moon, it is the “ripping back” of our fears and limiting beliefs that returns us to a more authentic starting point, whether it is literal or emotional or logistical.  Letting go of isolation and standing in solidarity within ourselves and with others may also help us arrive at a more compassionate way to embrace the gifts our weaknesses or infirmities can give.

As a water sign, Pisces is a magnifier, both of emotional energy and any experience of immersion.  In the following interview, Kat Duff, author of The Alchemy of Illness describes how illness, a Piscean state of being, can take us to a very visceral and personal boiling point at which the physical and spiritual mirror one another:

“In alchemy all things are related to their opposites, and it is the reunion of opposites that brings about transmutation. There is also the idea that dissolution, or breakdown must occur before the goal, known as gold, can be attained. . . .being sick is like being in the middle of a chemistry lab. . . .it’s so physical, you’ve got so many powders and pills and your body is bubbling and gurgling and sweating. It feels like being soup on the stove. . .Thich Nhat Hanh. . .says that spiritual growth and transformation are like potatoes cooking on the stove. You put them in a pot, cover the pot, turn on the flame, and let them cook. Eventually the potatoes soften and loosen and reach a kind of ripe point that is. . .what we might call spiritual revelation or awakening. I think that process can operate through us very physically in the same way.”

Here are some suggestions for each of the sun signs for how the softening point that awakens us might reveal itself in the next two weeks:

Aries:  An illness or a shift behind the scenes could rearrange a relationship you hold dear, at the same time a legal or educational authority brings more public changes.

Taurus: Your dreams or plans for the future could be upset or reversed from what you have idealized. You can find the strength within to stay the course.

Gemini:  You may be staying with something you thought you’d be leaving, as things that were once very private become more public. This shift can reveal your hidden strengths.

Cancer: A habitual expression of  yourself in your job or routine is dissolving or changing.  Now you can act on a belief you can shape a more relevant career or relationship to life.

Leo: You may suddenly become more conscious of how  you can better put into action the ideals or beliefs you share with a partner or a group. It’s all possible.

Virgo: A friendship or partnership could change and surprise you. This may help you understand there are many ways to express and share feelings on both sides.

Libra: Something or someone you try to avoid on a daily basis may become unavoidable.  Or the relationship between your beliefs and your health becomes clear.

Scorpio: A child, female friend, or lover may immerse you in an emotional situation that compels you to act out of responsibility and protectiveness toward them.

Sagittarius: Things at home could be kind of wacky, or your interactions with a partner may seem volatile. Yet you also have an unspoken faith that this, too, shall pass.

Capricorn: The ideal purpose of your involvement with a group or a friend may surprise you.  Your generous perspective about the future can be actively useful.

Aquarius: You might be facilitating things you wouldn’t choose yourself with a child or a partner.  Your willingness to understand the deeper need helps you be flexible.

Pisces: You could be rearranging things at home, or trying to bring a piece of home along with you while on the move, since stability of routine is important to a loved one.

Linda Pastan’s poem “in back of” is a simple but elegant illustration of how Pisces can merge the beginning with the end:

In back of “I love you”
Stands “goodbye.”
In back of
stands “it was lovely
there in the grass, drenched
in so much green
Words that wait
Are dark as shadows
in the back rooms
of mirrors:
when you raise
your right hand
in greeting
they raise their left
in farewell.

At this new moon, we live the mystery that waving hello and good-bye are the same gesture. As we embrace the invisible, release the hidden, and join forces in compassion with new  allies, the Pisces moon calls us to feel the whole spectrum of  elemental breakdown known to the alchemists: to burn by fire, to dissolve in water, to fall into earth, and to rise into air. Only then can we live the dream that the end of one thing is the beginning of the next. That dream is made visible when we shine our lights, shed some light, and keep it light!


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