StarGarden MoonWatch for the New Moon, February 17th, 2007

Hello Everyone,

I’m Maria Theresa Maggi, intuitive astrologer here on KRFP in Moscow, Idaho, and you’re listening to the StarGarden MoonWatch for the new moon of February 17, 2007.

The moon is new this month in the sign of Aquarius, the water bearer.  The water bearer brings us what is most essential for the spirit of human dignity to survive: an innate intuitive knowing and allegiance to the truth. Aquarius is the sign of sudden change, and of our hopes and plans for the future, both for ourselves and for all of humanity.  It is also the sign of rebellions. In Aquarius we experience the paradox of both standing up for one’s identity and also taking one’s identity from grass roots movements that catalyze us to support the rights of individual human beings. All of our collective or individual history with technology, media and social justice movements is under intense transformation this month. Aquarius, opposite to Leo, reminds us that social justice is personal. Saturn’s opposition to this new moon from Leo continues to hold us responsible for the duty we have to follow our hearts in standing up for principles we believe in, even if it is difficult or uncomfortable to take a stand. Aquarius welcomes the struggle and disruption that comes with the sudden knowledge of what is true, which is why the fairy tale The Emperor’s New Clothes is a perfect illustration of the Leo/Aquarius polarity. If Leo is the king being swindled and flattered into a suit of nothingness, Aquarius is the child in the crowd yelling out that the king is naked. And to turn the tables in genuine Aquarian style, if  Leo is the child in the crowd who must point out the delusion the adults are afraid to expose, then Aquarius is the emperor who must face the truth he is naked in front of the crowd.

This new Aquarius moon, with its close relationship to the celestial body Pluto, calls us to begin again with the truth, and  to reverse or expose the cover-ups of history or law. A compelling example of such reversal and exposure  is Sir, No Sir!, the documentary film by David Zeiger that chronicles the rise of the resistance movement to the Viet Nam War from within the American military, a truth that has been largely erased from public memory, but which is brought back to  light in this important film. The voices of those who followed their conscience in the early part of this movement, as it was becoming a movement, serve as perfect illustrations of the way the Aquarian principle of sudden knowing can change the hearts and minds firsts of individuals, and then the group. Former Green Beret David Duncan, one of the first lone resistors, described the individual struggle of coming into that awareness in this way: “I was really proud of what I thought I was doing. The problem I had was realizing that what I was doing was not good. I was doing it right. But it wasn’t right.”  Howard Levy, an army doctor who saw he was training troops for ends that were immoral and medically unethical, refused to train, and was subsequently court-martialed. He was acting as an individual, but in the following excerpt from the film he recounts the moment he realized he was not in his resistance alone:

“The most startling thing to me, however, occurred as the court martial began. . .we would walk from the parking lot to the building where the court martial was being held and hundreds, hundreds of GI’s would hang out of windows in the barracks and give me the V sign or give me the clenched fist. This was mind boggling to me. This was a revelation. And at that point, it really became crystal clear to me that something had changed here, and something very very important was happening.”

Here are some suggestions for each of the sun signs for how to return to what you know is right, and discover how your authenticity brings you into alliance with others:

Aries: Your future plans or your associations with groups or friends may take a sudden shift. Things from the past may need to aired in a new way. Someone older may be involved, or maybe it’s you who is maturing.

Taurus: A legal or educational aspect of your career or public life could shift, and bring more responsibility at home. Or you may feel alone in how you feel about such a shift. Stand up for what benefits everyone.

Gemini: You are in a new innovative learning curve about contracts with education and the law. Your own place in cultural or family history is under revision. Your relationships are intense guideposts on this journey.

Cancer: Forces that shape your future career plans  or those of a partner may shift in a way that also transforms your work or health routine. Your history with technology or group interaction may be highlighted. 

Leo: A contract partner or mate may want to revamp the balance of power. Or you may also wish to shake things up. It’s not a time to be footloose and fancy free. To clear the decks, you have to walk your talk.

Virgo: Friends, groups, or technology could change your health or work routine. Or perhaps an emotional journey prompts a transformation of understanding about your roots or  your parents. You want to innovate.

Libra: You may want to change the way you express yourself by using the media or technology to reach people at a grass roots level. Legal or educational matters bring intense conversation. Stand up and speak out.

Scorpio: Perhaps you are renovating at home or in your family relationships. Emotional reform is part of the territory. It may require a more comprehensive honesty than you’ve been used to, but the results are worth it.

Sagittarius: You might have a new more immediate means of  communicating with friends or groups through technology that now makes it convenient. This allows you to act on truth or history with a new twist.

Capricorn: Values that support a group, a friend or involve finances could take a surprising turn. Your own alliance with new or grass roots principles might help reveal hidden or long buried truths that now surface.

Aquarius: You want to act to raise consciousness about an issue concerning personal history or social justice. Or a spiritual group or principle could shift your starting point. You feel part of something larger than you.

Pisces: A source of refuge or confinement could be rearranged. Yet the freedom this brings means more responsibility. If you were escaping, you can’t anymore, but if you seek a wider playing field, you now have it.

The film Sir No Sir! debunks the perception we have been fed in years following the Viet Nam War that all the protest came from outside of the military and those protesting were hostile to the point of spitting on returning servicemen. There is in fact no evidence to support such a scenario, yet it is a perception that still closes down criticism or questioning of the actions or choices of soldiers in the interest of  “supporting our troops.” If we really listen to what is going on now, we will hear that the bravest opponents of the war are, once again, those in the military who are following their conscience to stand up against the inhumanity of the war in Iraq. At an Aquarius new moon we are called to know the subtle yet vital distinction between perception and reality, and how those in power conflate that distinction until the perception that will control us supplants the truth that is our birthright. Such tactics, once exposed, simply cannot ring true. Our common humanity demands acts of loving resistance that lead the way for all of us to shine our lights, shed some light, and keep it light!

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