StarGarden MoonWatch for the New Moon, January 29th, 2006

Hello Everyone,

I'm Maria Theresa Maggi, intuitive astrologer here on KRFP in Moscow, Idaho, and you're listening to the StarGarden MoonWatch for the new moon of January 29, 2006.

We begin a new lunar cycle this month in the sign of Aquarius, which brings us the magic of sudden insight.  Aquarius awakens us to our individual essence, to the dynamic of grass roots collaboration, and all change or rearrangement that seems to come out of the blue, which is one of the colors associated with this sign.
No other sign emphasizes more sharply that the fundamental experience of being human contains the twin contradictions of the need to form community and the need to be rebel against it.  Perhaps this is why adolescence, marked by the powerful pull to individuate and the painful need to belong or conform is the time of life most often associated with Aquarius.  Yet for those of us who remember being teenagers, or those of us who live or work with them, they can often surprise and move us back to basics with the fragility of their feelings, or the truth of their sudden insights

As the moon waxes for the next two weeks, the Aquarian wheels of revolution spin in a way that inspires and frees us to be prepared for the unexpected.  We are likely to begin with a sudden opportunity to experience unlikely alliances that reverse traditional roles of power. Or we may feel that this sudden opportunity feels like a whole new start within us. With Saturn opposing this new moon, our radical, individual or grass roots efforts might require balance through surprising or unlikely alliances with more established organizations or authorities, or through the wisdom of age or tradition in order to bring people together from either camp who seek the same needed change or awareness. Each group or individual may suddenly see, perhaps for the first time, that they stand on common ground.

An Aquarian question worth flashing on in the next two weeks is what do friendship and earthquakes have in common, since they are both experiences that arise out of the lightning bolt energy of this sign.  Jim Lynch's novel, The Highest Tide, depicts the unlikely yet beautiful friendship between thirteen year old marine biologist wonder-boy Miles O' Malley, and Florence, an eccentric non-conformist with a degenerative nerve disease, known for her erratic psychic abilities, who is at least 60 years his senior. 

After an earthquake shakes the bay they live on, and a prediction Florence was ridiculed for long ago comes true, Miles is also shaken by the reality of her illness and her ability to know.  The following excerpts are a good Aquarian example of the way in which their adversarial yet loving friendship "shakes up" their lives, while also revealing the common ground they share:

"The earthquake had nothing to do with your nose," I said, without looking up from the books I was stacking: Spirit of the Witch, Destiny of Souls, Miracles Do Happen.
"How do you know?" she asked. A test, not a denial.
"Your ice is already half melted," I said. "Your scratch is scabbing. And your black eyes are yellowing. Do you want these in any particular order?"
She waved a dismissive hand. "Don't dote on me Miles. Go check on your own house.". . .
"It's okay," she added after a deep breath. "Nobody's counting on this spinster—not even a goddamn cat."
"Right," I snapped. "Rachel Carson never married either, but the whole planet missed her, including the nephew she'd adopted." . . .

"How'd you know?" I asked, finally getting around to it, although I was still furious. "You told me something big was gonna happen on the bay. Was it a voice? A feeling? Did you know it was gonna be an earthquake? Was it a guess?"
She didn't hide her disappointment in me. "I don't guess."
"Then what?"
"Don't push."
"I share everything with you."
Smiling looked like it hurt. "It's not that it's a secret, Miles. It's that it's fragile. It's like holding any image in your head. If you try too hard you lose it. The last time I talked about it too much I lost it for a long time. I can't risk that again."

The sudden insight or experience of affinity Aquarius brings us can disorient us with its tendency to turn things inside-out or upside down.  Yet at this time we may also be able to articulate what that feels like, or find we are sharing that experience with others.  Here are some suggestions for each of the sun signs for how to feel the electricity of strange attractors this new moon:

Aries: You may see it's necessary to initiate talking about something difficult or emotional with a friend or a group.  You want to take responsibility for learning how others feel.

Taurus:  The generous perspective of a new  or old partner may help you find new ground in a group setting, in a way that brings a future plan into sharper focus.

Gemini: You may be wanting to establish new ground for the future with friends or lovers that involves changing an understanding of the big picture.  Walk slowly.

Cancer: Groups, students or friends could be challenging you to express your understanding of important topics in a more practical way.  This can be healing for you.

Leo: You might be adjusting to a change in a partnership that broadens it to include more people, yet leaves you feeling more isolated at the same time.

Virgo: Your everyday work or health routine may be filled with upheaval or people in need.  Providing a compassionate yet firm structure will help everyone involved.

Libra: A change in your attitude toward children or a lover could have you feeling differently about how to plan for the future in a more structured setting.

Scorpio: The lines between knowing what is personally/privately important to you and what is of public importance may all but disappear. You can attract support that sticks.

Sagittarius: A friendship or your immediate environment is altered in some way that changes how you communicate an ideal about the future or feel compassion for a loss.

Capricorn: You may be helping a group or a friend with values that expand or reorient the arena of responsibility in order to bring greater benefit to a good cause.

Aquarius: The big picture in education or travel may have you reversing or changing starting points in your partnerships, your routine or communication style.

Pisces: Something you weren't fully conscious of may suddenly become crystal clear. You will want to ground this insight in some sort of routine structure.

Since Aquarian energy equalizes social relationships, what seemed like charity a month ago may suddenly become solidarity, which then frees us from the illusion of being constrained by hierarchical ways of relating to one another.  Leah Stone on KRFP's Hour of Compassion recently quoted an Aboriginal Woman's wise words to this effect: "If you're coming to help me your wasting your time. But if you're coming because your liberation is bound up in mine, let us work together."  So at the invisible beginning of this new moon, get ready for the lightning bolt of sudden insight to flash across any corner of the sky.  As we duck for cover from the storm, we may find ourselves in new company that feels oddly familiar, or old company that feels as exciting as if we are just meeting for the first time.  The human warmth of such sudden alliance can spark the energy within each of us to shine our lights, shed some light, and keep it light!

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