StarGarden MoonWatch for the New Moon, January 18th, 2007

Hello Everyone,

I’m Maria Theresa Maggi, intuitive astrologer here on KRFP in Moscow, Idaho, and you’re listening to the StarGarden MoonWatch for the new moon of January 18, 2007.

We begin the first lunar cycle of  2007 in the sign of Capricorn, the 10th sign of the zodiac. In Capricorn, we are initiated into our relationship with the structures of the world, and both the ambition and the limitation of bringing our lives into form. In the physical body, Capricorn has an affinity with the very framework upon which our bodies depend: the bones of our skeleton. The expression “the bare bones” often refers to only what is absolutely essential, no frills or extras involved. In the same manner, Capricorn often brings us the lesson of mastery through discipline or limitation. The bones are the site where we create new blood cells that nourish and protect our whole bodies. And once a bone is no longer living,  in thousands upon thousands of years of tradition we use what is left of them to make tools, adornments, and even musical instruments or other ritual objects that protect and nourish our spirits. Some anthropologists posit that the oldest musical instrument is a flute made from the femur of a bear bone dating back 45,000 years into Neanderthal prehistory. The seeming “emptiness” of bones as mere scaffolding, therefore, is misleading, just as it is misleading to think of winter, Capricorn’s season, as the opposite of new life and growth. Winter brings the fallow, quiet period when the temperature drops, the roots of perennials stretch deeper into the earth and the seeds harden up in the cold, so they will be strong enough to sprout new growth in the Spring. It is often so cold that we see our breath, a very simple yet elemental example of the invisible taking form, which is Capricorn’s specialty.

The intersection at which the invisible takes form becomes time, and the processes at work as time passes belong to both Capricorn and its companion planet Saturn. Capricorn is the last in the triad of earth signs, and it embodies the slow, vast time scale on which the earth forms itself: how sediment becomes rock, how minerals and crystals are formed, how bone becomes fossil, and, as humans, what use and meaning we make of what time leaves us as it passes. In the following passage from The Night Country  by anthropologist Loren Eisley, we get a whirling sense of the time of an individual life span as it is enfolded in the geologic time span in this meditation on a human skull brought to him for identification:

“The  skull was black when they brought it to me. It was black from the irons and acids and mineral replacements of ice-age gravels. it was polished and worn and gleaming from the alterations of unnumbered years. It had made strange journeys after the death of its occupant; it had moved with glacial slowness in the beds of rivers; it had been tumbled by floods and, passed from hand to hand by men the individual had never seen in life.
. . .the woman had been young.. . .I could tell them she had once fallen or been struck and that after a long time the bone had mended and she had recovered—how, it was difficult to say, for it had been a dangerous and compound fracture. Today such a wound would mean months in the hospital. This woman had survived without medical attention through the endless marchings and journeys of the hunters’ world.. . .Nevertheless, she had endured and lived on toward some doom that had come fast upon her, but was not written in the bones.”

Here are some suggestions for each of the sun signs for how to feel in our bones the use and meaning of our share of time in the larger whole on this earth:

Aries: You may be sympathetic to the ideals of a friend or a group, and want to make yourself useful to them.  Or you may face  greater limitation or responsibility regarding a parent or child. Either path helps you mature.

Taurus: You may be experiencing unsettling changes in your public or organizational life. It may help to use a structured practice either at home or in your studies or spiritual life that allows incremental steps for change.

Gemini: Travel or educational ventures could bring unexpected limits or responsibilities where friends or groups are concerned. It may not be all fun and games in the moment, but a willing sense of duty is its own reward.

Cancer: You may want  a new direction in your career at the same time your partner may also be involved in his or her own career decisions. The opportunity to worth within each other’s limitations can equalize any pressure.

Leo: There may be requirements you have to meet that you might feel slow you down or set you back. Taking the steps required could also help you understand how a sense of responsibility to the whole helps you grow.

Virgo:  A framework or way to communicate about how to organize a creative project, perhaps having to do with youth, may fall into place during this time. New or innovative work or health habits may also take form.

Libra: You may want to restructure things at home. Or responsibilities to a group or a friend change your ideas or plan for the future. In either case, despite reluctance or limitations, these are still the best things to do.

Scorpio: A career or job opportunity may become available in your immediate environment. It may add responsibility and brings change, but it also helps you bring structure to what you may have only imagined.

Sagittarius: Restructuring finances or values may have you make adjustments that help you or someone pull back rather than expand. This is a time to stay a course, even a difficult one, but there is will and energy to do it.

Capricorn: Contracts or relationships get rebalanced if you allow your values to shift toward more equality and autonomy in your interactions. You may need less of what you thought you needed, and this truth grounds you.

Aquarius:  There is a chance for behind the scenes restructuring to help you become more responsible in a partnership, while also being true to yourself. If you ignore obligations, though, you might restrict your autonomy.

Pisces:  You may feel like your role in a group or with a friend is leaving you all the responsibility and not much of the fun. Yet detachment is available to help you achieve a more organized plan if you stick this out.

The new moon is a time when the sun and moon meet in the sky, and the moon is too close to the sun or its reflected light to be visible to us. Such is the power and mystery of inception into form. During the next two weeks as the moon becomes visible, first as a crescent, and finally in its fullness, perhaps we can use Capricorn’s wisdom to meditate on the process of bringing something into the fullness of awareness, and the interlocking mystery in which form follows function and function follows form. A useful word to describe this merger is “grok.” It comes from Robert Heinlein’s science fiction novel Stranger in a Strange Land. When we “grok” something, we claim intimate and exhaustive knowledge of it, that it has become part of us. To use a Capricornian turn of phrase, we know it in our bones. It is this experience which creates reality for us, as Saturn, Capricorn’s companion planet, so wisely teaches us. At this new moon, it is responsibility to the life force, to our children, and to our hearts which we must serve. When we allow ourselves to grok the feel of such responsibility, even when we are “bone tired” from such efforts, we have struck the match and relit a wick that lasts through generations, as we continue to shine our lights, shed some light and keep it light!

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