StarGarden MoonWatch for the Full Moon, January 14th, 2006


Hello Everyone,

I'm Maria Theresa Maggi, intuitive astrologer here on KRFP in Moscow, Idaho and you're listening to the StarGarden MoonWatch for the full moon of January 14, 2006.

The full moon is at home this month in the sign of Cancer, the nurturer. We began this lunar cycle by working with the cultural continuity of passing on what is useful to others, and so it's very natural that we would peak in Cancer, Capricorn's opposite. Cancer describes our relationship to home, to our family line, to what we remember, and how we serve or feel or shape the public mood, how it shapes us, and how we nourish ourselves and one another. As the home of the moon, Cancer's affinity with the element of water mirrors the moon's reflected light with shimmering depth and sensitivity that is most natural to the moon's way of reflecting our own emotions and the emotions of others back to us.

Many of us think of winter as the time of the cave, the den, the womb, when life turns quietly in on itself to rest as it gestates a new start, and Cancer brings us an interesting twist on this. As the crab, Cancer carries its house, the shell, around with it wherever it goes. But when it moves, it really moves. So the crab needs to have that shield from too much heat and potential harm around it at all times. Yet it is always skittering quickly in all directions and poking itself out from the shell in order to "feel" the world outside of it. Some crabs, like hermits, even inhabit the discarded shells of other creatures, and move to better ones as the opportunity presents itself, much like their human Cancer counterparts who fall in love with family heirlooms, old houses or schoolbuses. This sort of activity describes the constant motion of feeling the world that Cancer is always in, and might help us understand why the tarot archetype of the Chariot is so appropriate. The Mother Peace Tarot image of this archetype shows us that like the chariot she drives, Pallas Athene "directs her will from a strong, central self—balanced and whole." To meet this emotional objective and to impart genuine empowering assistance to the people, Cancer, like the Seeds of Peace collective based here in Moscow, reminds everyone to "eat first" before going out to nurture peace and social justice.

Venus joins the Capricorn sun to oppose the moon so at this time we will delight in being useful to or protecting others, perhaps in particular by feeding them or making them feel at home, a Cancer specialty. This placement of Venus may also encourage using art as a social or political statement that nurtures people in a time of disaster or war. On a recent Bioneers radio program, singer Holly Near gave a moving example of the force of this dynamic when she spoke of a man who went out into the square in Sarajevo with his cello as bombs were dropping, and began playing. When a journalist asked him "why are you out here playing the cello while bombs are dropping?", he replied with "why are they dropping bombs while I am playing the cello?"

We, too, may feel strongly about making an artistic statement or organizing to bring beauty, comfort or utilitarian needs to others in the midst of chaos or loss, or feel especially inclined to give financially to others working to achieve such a goal. There may be some patience needed with travel, education or legal plans or efforts that have to do with providing this kind of assistance. But public mood both locally and nationally could feel a marked shift toward making necessary adjustments happen in order to move such assistance efforts forward, as long as we try to take each step one step at a time.

Here are some suggestions for each of the sun signs for how to feel the bridge growing between our personal needs and our collective need to be fed and live in stability and peace:

Aries: You may be torn between wanting to be at home and wanting to be away. There may also be a strong desire to reorganize, but a need to be patient with the process.

Taurus: You want to lend either your strength, your wallet or your wisdom to an organization or a family member you support, perhaps in connection to the arts.

Gemini: This full moon you might have to adopt the wisdom of history or tradition. This is oddly attractive to you, despite your usual insistence on the current moment.

Cancer: You may be balancing emotion about family and home with a need to work in a more structured environment. You can grow if you meet this challenge.

Leo: This full moon part of you wants to work hard, and another part of you feels overwhelmed. Letting sudden intuition lead the way may help you finish a demanding project.

Virgo: You may be promoted to a position of more responsibility at work or in family life. Or you learn from your relationship to a woman. In giving yourself you grow.

Libra: Restructuring your home in a more pleasing yet useful way could also renew you emotionally. You need time alone or with understanding friends to recharge.

Scorpio: You might help a very detailed project be ready for public consumption, or lend structure to a communications effort in your immediate environment.

Sagittarius: By staying organized, you may find the strength to juggle immersion in travel or education and responsibilities at home that could seem overwhelming.

Capricorn: You may find a new faith in yourself that serves your hidden sensitivities. This can help you present yourself as an independent force in a group.

Aquarius: You may be emotional about work or past habits or your health. You would like to go by feel while others may not want to help unless you go by the book.

Pisces: Friends or groups may show you a way to move spiritual understanding into practical application. What you learn could be changing the way you live.

The home of the crab is the shore of the ocean, where all life began, and where the influence of the moon creates the tides, so the Cancer moon pulls us back to the roots of our being, into our family line all the way back to that fluid primordial soup. It's no wonder that Cancer is emotional about the past, and sometimes even incapacitated by its power. Some may even feel a need to return to a more restrictive past, mistaking that for security. But if we remember, as Tom Hayden said on a recent Bioneers program, that our fundamental relationship to all life on our planet and our planet itself is one of kinship rather than lordship or stewardship, then Cancer can give us a burst of protective purpose and activity through which to channel those emotions, beyond self-preservation. Feeling our kinship to all life on our planet and to each other allows us to feel what Hayden calls an enlargement of dignity and a connection to what we consider sacred. When we truly feel the earth is our home, then our instinctual emotional response is to protect it. Then we feel the lunar emotional will to show others the true way "home" as we shine our lights, shed some light, and keep it light.


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