StarGarden MoonWatch for the Full Moon, January 3, 2007

Hello Everyone,

I’m Maria Theresa Maggi, intuitive astrologer here on KRFP in Moscow, Idaho, and you’re listening to the StarGarden MoonWatch for the full moon of January 3, 2007.

The first full moon of 2007 is in the sign of Cancer, the Crab. In Cancer, the fourth sign of the zodiac, we encounter the depths of our emotional potential. Here also we fathom the emotional import of home, memory, the past, our family lineage, tradition, public mood, and, our most basic connection of all, the one to our mothers. Yet, like the crab, Cancer also shows us how to protect ourselves from exposing our sensitivity in these areas. Just as the crab deftly and sometimes comically, never walks in a straight line, Cancer teaches us that the sharing of emotion is not logical or even sequential, but can carry us hither and yon, most often in a zany circle back to ourselves. And just as the crab carries its house with it wherever it goes, whether traveling across country or across town, Cancer often seeks security by bringing along whatever reminds him or her of the comforts of home. You’re not likely to find Cancer without snacks for the road, a favorite CD to play, or extra sweaters and blankets just in case, even when only going a few blocks away. Cancer will also bring along a grab bag of emotional responses as well, just in case.

At the Sagittarius new moon which occurred just before the Winter Solstice, we began to explore the possibilities of the return journey. Now at the full moon in Cancer, we release that potential and make conscious adjustments, most of them emotional, to our expectations regarding those returns. If we began this lunar cycle with embarking on an external journey, now may be the time that journey turns inward. Or if we experienced a departure within the last two weeks, the full moon may release the energy for a homecoming. Whether away or at home, the theme of the journey turns us toward what Cancer represents at its most fundamental level: the need to be fed and nurtured, both literally and emotionally, and what it means to feel “at home.”

Since the full moon isn’t possible without the sun being its opposite, we may feel some tension between what is expected of us from our place in the social framework, and how we feel like expressing those connections. If we make an adjustment from what we thought the potential for the journey was to what we actually need or feel now that we have set out on it, an element of revolutionary emotional surprise could be prominent. These surprises may take the form of  more usual social gestures evoking unexpected or even counterintuitive responses that can wake us up to a whole new  understanding of  what is needed, as this prose section of Robert Hass’ poem “The Yellow Bicycle” prompts us to consider:

“Once, when they had made love in the middle of the night and it was very sweet, they decided they were hungry, so they got up, got dressed, and drove downtown to an all night donut shop. Chicano kids lounged outside, a few drunks, and one black man selling dope. Just at the entrance there was an old woman in a thin floral print dress. She was barefoot. Her face was covered with sores and dry peeling skin. The sores looked like raisins and her skin was the dry yellow parchment lampshade ravaged by light and tossed away. They thought she must have been hungry, and, coming out again with a white paper bag full of hot rolls, they stopped to offer her one. She looked at them out of her small eyes, bewildered, and shook her head for a little while, and said very kindly, ‘No.’”

Here are some suggestions for each of the sun signs in the next two weeks for how to feel the depth of what actually may be needed beyond our assumptions:

Aries: You may feel the weight of responsibilities concerning family or reputation, or seek a structure or organizing principle to help work these out. Travels may take you back into your own history as part of this process.

Taurus: You may seek to communicate your feelings to or about female relatives, as you adjust your own sense of emotional security according to the way you’ve always thought things should be. Now may be time for a shift.

Gemini: There may be a way to work at home that helps bring a sense of security to a partner. Or perhaps your own values help you make whatever adjustments are necessary to support a large educational or legal venture.

Cancer: You may be balancing your public involvement in an organization with your private life. Or a partner may want to share a role or duty you have previously seen to on your own. Either one is a new chance to go deep.

Leo: You may be making an adjustment from blazing your own trail to letting someone help or nurture you beyond your insecurities from behind the scenes. If you allow this to happen, you  gain ground in responsible mastery.

Virgo:  A female friend, a group or a public project may help you find a workable structure for expressing your creative ideas. Or someone who cares helps you see your brooding with greater detachment. Enjoy the gift.

Libra: You could be very emotionally involved in a career decision or a project at work. This could be contributing to your feeling deprived of time at home. Remember to cultivate a philospnical attitude to help you through.

Scorpio: You may realize you need emotional or financial support from family to undertake a big project. This could involve a greater organization of your own financial planning. A positive outlook makes a big difference.

Sagittarius: You may feel very emotional about your responsibility to a loved one who is making a big transition, or a legacy or a testament someone leaves to you. You see the gift in the experience, but you also feel a loss.

Capricorn: You may have to act within a structured format to help provide emotional or financial security for a loved one. You can do whatever is required because you also have faith the end result will benefit everyone involved.

Aquarius: You may be needing an escape or a getaway that you feel is necessary, perhaps to visit a woman or a relative. Yet it seems out of reach. Try to have faith in the whole picture and wait out the temporary difficulty.

Pisces:  Perhaps you feel emotional about wanting to mother someone you love. Or maybe part of you feels alone in the crowd. Allow yourself a generous view of the world, and trust that your feelings will be understood.

The sideways motion of Cancer’s energy runs far deeper than comedy or indirection. It symbolizes the contradiction inherent in our emotional lives. In his earlier work, Robert Hass often inserted recipes into his poems, which became part of the larger nourishment of the poem. In the middle of “Songs to Survive the Summer” he suddenly gives a  winter recipe for onion soup, which ends with “surround yourself with friends. Huddle in a warm place. Ladle. Eat.” In the fullness of its archetype, Cancer brings us the healing power of emotional witness, whether we are gathered around the table with friends, or confronted with the emptiness of offering a hot roll to a homeless woman in the middle of the night, and learning to respect her right of refusal. In the emotional realm of Cancer there is no imperative to say yes or no, only the imperative to feel each feeling as it comes. .Just as the moon pulls the literal tides in and out along the ocean shore, if we are willing to trust our own emotional tides, we begin to move more deeply into the rhythm of life, awash in the mystery of its comforts and miseries. The first step is allowing ourselves to feel. At this full moon, even if we feel our fear of uncomfortable feelings, that alone brings us closer to being able to nurture ourselves, those we love, and all of life, as we shine our lights, shed some light and keep it light!

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