Maria Theresa Maggi is an intuitive astrologer and gardener, a published poet and writer, and the mother of a college age son. She lives in Moscow, Idaho. She taught writing at the university level for half a Saturn cycle (14 years), and she has been a practicing astrologer for another fourteen years. She comes to astrology from a background in literature and poetry. She is currently experiencing a wondrous healing process centered in her work at home, in her garden and on the radio. As an intuitive gardener, she enjoys learning from her plants and their generous healing vibrations. As an intuitive astrologer, she views the birth chart as an ecological poetry of energies we can choose to cultivate and grow with throughout life's cycles. Her Star Garden, an actual place in her backyard, grew out of her love for the Earth and Sky. All the blossoms used in her organic flower essences grow in and around her star garden and home. Her Star Garden Moon Watches and Star Garden Flower Essences are the result of her interaction with the suffused energies from the plants and the planets, the sunlight, the moon, the atmosphere and the earth of this deeply loved place. They are her offering to all on the path of healing and transformation in the physical and subtle bodies. For more information you can contact Radio Free Moscow (KRFP) in Moscow, Idaho, or email Maria.

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